Why is the remembered always the painful?
thinking, thought, these paths lead to memories
shaken and tossed,
rising to the present mind, 
only painful - hoped forgotten.
The important and pleasant fleeting, 
staying are the stinging times,
always seeing to remind,
heartbreak, pain and suffering
Why is suffering always despised?
it provides lesson and insight,
suffering at hand will remove that of tomorrow,
mold and shape the people it visits,
embrace the change it brings,
Why is it that the past is always forgotten?
always seeking tonight, tomorrow, destiny
do not forget to take past with you,
do not forget the help of a friend, 
the love of your father, 
nor the influence of a wise teacher.
These things you must take with you, 
do not be immersed with drive for the future
it is only a blessing with fuel of the past.

~Stephen Daniel