Current Issue

Volume 6, Issue 1: Fall 2014

Tax Favors for Philanthropy: Should Our Republic Underwrite De Toqueville's Democracy? - Rob Atkinson

The ACA, Provider Mergers and Hospital Pricing: Experimenting with Smart, Lower-Cost Health Insurance Options - Susan A. Channick

Risky Business: When Safety Regulations Cause Harm - Sherzod Abdukadirov [Forthcoming]

Implications of Recent Federal Personal Tax Increase for Income Tax Evasion, Tax Revenues and Budget Deficits - Robert Boylan, Richard J. Cebula, Maggie Foley, and Douglass Izard [Forthcoming]

Interactions Between Private and Public Resource Governance: Key Insights from the Fisheries Case - Zdravka Tzankova [Forthcoming]