Schroeder Center for Health Policy Undergraduate Research Assistant Program



William & Mary tenured and tenure-track faculty, faculty with courtesy appointments in the Public Policy Program, and visiting faculty teaching public policy courses are eligible to apply.  However, Selection Committee faculty members will be ineligible to apply in the year in which they serve on the committee.

Application Materials

Each faculty applicant is required to submit the following by Friday, September 4, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.:

1)   Description of the project, to include a description of the undergraduate RA’s role, a clearly defined set of tasks and responsibilities for the student, and the preferred number of hours/week you would like to hire a student (about 150-200 words).  The Schroeder Center will pay students $8.50/hour for a maximum of 5 or 10 hours/week.

2)   Statement of the health policy implications of the research project, to include how the research will contribute new knowledge to the health policy field (about 100 words).

3)   If the faculty member has received past support from the Schroeder Center in the form of student research assistance help or a small grant award, the faculty member must provide a list of the semesters/years in which he/she received support, plus a list of any publications, conference presentations, grant or grant applications that have resulted from that support.  Please also indicate if the proposed project is currently receiving funding from other William & Mary sources or organizations external to the College.

4)   Statement of whether the faculty member already has a student in mind for this project or needs help finding one.

5)  C.V.

Application materials for items 1-4 above should be prepared in Word. Text should be single-spaced in 12-point font using a minimum of one-inch margins.  All application materials should be submitted by email to Kelly Metcalf-Meese ( Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted. 

Determination of Project Awards

Awards will be determined by a Selection Committee.  In making the award determinations for projects that will receive research assistantship funding, the following criteria will guide the Selection Committee:

1)       Ability of the research project to inform the field of health policy.  What is the significance of the problem being addressed?  How will the research contribute new knowledge to the field of health policy? Health policy research is defined as the study of national, state, and/or local government policies or programs that aim to promote the health of people, improve access to healthcare, and increase the quality, equity, and efficiency of care delivery.

2)      Scientific merit of the research methods. Are the research methods of the project clearly defined?  Are the methods sound and well-suited to the research question?  Does the investigator have the appropriate expertise in the research methods? 

3)      Potential benefits of the research experience for the student. What research skills and expertise will the student gain by completing the tasks and responsibilities required of the assistant? 

In addition to applying these criteria, the Selection Committee will give priority to projects that are conducted by pre-tenure faculty members who have not received a prior grant from the Schroeder Center for Health Policy.  The Selection Committee will also take into account the applicant’s past use of support from the Schroeder Center for Health Policy, the applicant’s publication record, and whether the applicant has other sources of funding for the project.

Selection of Students to Serve on Projects

Each faculty member who is awarded Schroeder Center RA funding will select an appropriate undergraduate RA for his/her project.  A faculty member may identify a student on his/her own, or may choose from a pool of candidates put together by the Schroeder Center.


At the end of the semester, each undergraduate RA must send a one-page description of his/her research activities during the semester to Schroeder Center staff.  Faculty members should acknowledge financial support from the Schroeder Center for Health Policy in any publications and/or presentations arising from the research project.

All faculty members awarded with a research assistant paid by the Schroeder Center will be listed as “Affiliated Faculty” of the Schroeder Center for Health Policy and noted as such on the Schroeder Center website and other documents.  Affiliation with the Schroeder Center will continue throughout the semester.  At the discretion of the Schroeder Center director and agreement by the faculty member, affiliation may continue beyond the conclusion of the award term and last for as long as the faculty member conducts health policy research at William & Mary.  

For a full listing of undergraduate research assistants in previous academic years, click here.

Funding Opportunities for Spring 2016

The Schroeder Center will announce undergraduate research assistant opportunities for the Spring 2016 semester in January 2016.  Please return to this site for additional information at that time.