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Research and Policy Briefs

Schroeder Center research and policy briefs provide an in-depth look at health-related policies and research on health and healthcare.


OPPS Brief                   


Medicare’s OPPS and Hospital Outpatient Volume

Effective August 1, 2000, the Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) greatly changed the way hospitals were reimbursed for outpatient services provided to Medicare beneficiaries. This brief summarizes new research on Medicare’s OPPS by economists at the Schroeder Center for Health Policy and the Department of Economics at the College of William & Mary. In a new study forthcoming in the Journal of Health Economics, Daifeng He and Jennifer M. Mellor examine the effect of OPPS-induced payment rate reductions on hospital outpatient volume. Read more...





Taxes and Zoning to Address Obesity

The increasing percentage of overweight and obese Americans threatens the health of millions and significantly contributes to rising healthcare costs in the U.S. Policymakers continue to search for solutions to this health problem. Most recently, New York City Governor made headlines by calling for a ban on the sale of large servings of soda. This policy brief, by Schroeder Center staff member, Elizabeth Vestal, is a discussion of taxing and zoning options, focusing specifically on soda taxes, restrictive fast-food restaurant zoning, and healthy food enterprise initiatives as obesity prevention policy options. Read more...