William and Mary

Graduate Students Showcase Research on America's Infrastructure

Each year, graduate students in the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy participate in a policy research seminar (PRS) where they work in small teams to complete client-driven policy analysis projects. The PRS allows students to hone their skills in implementing the analytic tools of policy research and, importantly, in communicating their results to policymakers. Dr Sarah Stafford of the Thomas Jefferson Program teaches the PRS class and serves as supervisor for all the projects. Faculty members in economics, government, and policy aslo serve as individual project advisors.

In Fall 2014,  Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) released a new infrastructure report prepared by W&M TJPPP students Sarah Beason, Irina Calos, and Meghan Stubblebine.  Clients are consistently impressed by the high-quality products they have received and by the students’ professionalism.  That’s no accident: It’s because we have a great program and faculty churning out top-notch public policy specialists.  If your organization has research needs, you should consider sponsoring a PRS project.

Sarah, Ira and Meghan all agree that the project helped prepare them for future job opportunities and provided them with valuable experience in infrastructure data analysis.