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The Graduate Policy Association (GPA) seeks to foster professional development, academic pursuits, and social interaction for all students in the TJPPP Program.  The GPA serves as the liaison between students and the Program’s administration and is represented in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Association.  The GPA strives to promote the interests of the Thomas Jefferson Program throughout the William and Mary community while providing the Program’s students with recreational events, service opportunities, and policy speaking engagements.  Please browse the GPA website for information and photos from our latest events.

TJPPP students have the opportunity to participate in all campus organizations and are primarily represented by the Graduate Policy Association and the Graduate Student Association. 

If you have any questions relating to opportunities in the Thomas Jefferson Program or at the College of William and Mary, please do not hesitate to contact me.


[[e|ecwavering, Emily Wavering ]]

GPA President 2014-2015

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association is open to all graduate students in the Arts & Sciences and provides social and academic outlets. The association holds monthly meetings in the Stetson House, 232 Jamestown Road. Learn more.