Major Requirements

A Major in Psychology requires 36 credits which fit readily into most schedules, even with a late change of major. Most majors take  additional courses in Psychology. Be careful, however, not to exceed the College's 48-hour rule, which mandates that no more than 48 credits in one major count toward a student's total 120 credits needed for graduation (although students may take more than 48 hours in the psychology department if they choose).

Please note that there are two separate degrees offered by the Psychology department: a B.A. and a B.S. degree. Students seeking a B.S. degree are required to complete the same courses as the B.A. students and three additional courses in computer science, mathematics, biology, chemistry, geology, or physics. This is in addition to satisfying the GER1 and GER2.  A combined interdisciplinary degree in Neuroscience is also available, as described in the current Catalog.

Below is a breakdown of the psychology courses available for students to choose from, arranged into four sections. Electives as shown below are effective for majors declaring in Fall 2014 and later.

Note: Requirements for the Psychology Major are determined by the course catalog that was in effect at the time you formally declared. 

 Please visit the course catalog for detiailed course descriptions.

1. Introductory Package (take all of these):

(Psyc 201 or 202 are prerequisites for all advanced courses)

PSYC 201: Introduction to Psychology as a Natural Science
PSYC 202: Introduction to Psychology as a Social Science
PSYC 301: Elementary Statistics1
PSYC 302: Experimental Methods

1Statistics courses in other departments may not be substituted for PSYC 301.

2. Electives:
A.  Breadth requirement - Take at least two from each category
Social Science

PSYC 310 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 312 Personality Theory
PSYC 314 Social Psychology
PSYC 318 Abnormal Psychology

Natural Science

PSYC 311 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 313 Physiological Psychology
PSYC 315 Foundations of Learning and Memory
PSYC 317 Sensation & Perception

B.  Depth requirement - Take at least two of these. At least one must be numbered above 440

PSYC 350 Community Psychology and Prevention

PSYC 351 Evolutionary Psychology

PSYC 352 Cross-Cultural Psychology

PSYC 353 History and Systems of Psychology

PSYC 354 Motivation and Emotion

PSYC 355 Cognitive Science

PSYC 356 Health Psychology

PSYC 370 Psycholinguistics

PSYC 402 Exceptional Children ¹

PSYC 404 Practicum in Community Psychology and Prevention ¹

PSYC 406 Service Learning in Developmental Psychology 1

PSYC 442 Psychology of Decision Making

PSYC 443 Psychology of Humor

PSYC 445 Psychopharmacology

PSYC 447 Cognitive Neuroscience

PSYC 450 Psychology of Religion

PSYC 451 Seminar in Evolutionary Psychology

PSYC 452 Close Relationships

PSYC 453 Infancy

PSYC 454 Shame & Self-Respect

PSYC 455 Autobiographical Memory

PSYC 470 Topics in Psychology

PSYC 480 Seminar

PSYC 490 Directed Readings in Psychology ²

PSYC 491 Independent Research ²

PSYC 498 Internship

¹ At least 29 credits must be other than practicum courses (PSYC 402, 404, 406 and 498)

² Up to 3 credit hours of Independent Study (PSYC 490 or 491) may be applied toward the advanced elective credits

If you need help picking classes,  see the suggested course groupings depending on your interest area, especially if you are double majoring or minoring in psychology or plan to go into another field.
3. Advanced Research (take one of these): 

PSYC 410 Research in Developmental Psychology
PSYC 411 Cognition and Thinking
PSYC 412 Research in Personality
PSYC 413 Research in Physiological Psychology
PSYC 414 Research Methods in Social Psychology
PSYC 415 Research in Animal Cognition
PSYC 417 Research in Sensation & Perception
PSYC 418 Research in Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 422 Behavior Modification

4. Other Electives (do not count towards the 36 credit requirement):

PSYC 305 Sexuality

Credit Calculation


PSYC 201

3 Credits

PSYC 202

4 Credits

PSYC 301

4 Credits

PSYC 302

12 Credits

4 Courses PSYC 310-320

6 Credits

2 Courses PSYC 350-480
or 3 credits PSYC 490-491 and
3 credits PSYC 350-480

4 Credits

1 Course PSYC 410-422

36 Credits


New course numbers effective for Fall 2014 are reflected above.
The official description of the Psychology Major is available in the Course Catalog.
Download the Declaration of Major Form (pdf) from the Registrar's website and follow the instruction under Advising and Declaring a Major.