William & Mary

Departmental Honors

Honors work in psychology provides the opportunity for well qualified students to complete their undergraduate education by engaging in individual research. Admission to the program is restricted to those who, in the opinion of the Psychology Department, have sufficient preparation, ability, and motivation to complete the program successfully. Prospective honors students should discuss their application for senior honors with a prospective advisor in the spring semester of their junior year, prior to registration for fall courses. 

For official application and guidelines on honors study in all departments, see the Charles Center website. You can also visit the Charles Center's archive of Psychology Honors projects.

Psychology Honors Application Process
In the spring of their junior year, prospective honors students should:
  1. Meet with prospective advisor to discuss your research ideas.
  2. Complete Charles Center Honors application. Advisor must sign application.
  3. Meet with department chair to have application signed.
  4. Submit application to the Charles Center.
  5. Upon approval, student will automatically be registered by the Charles Center.
Psychology Binding Policy
In addition to the Swem Archive copy, student must also submit an unbound acid-free copy of their honor's thesis to the Psychology Department Office. The Psychology Department will pay for the binding of the department copy.