William and Mary

Admission Requirements

Students applying to the Psychology M.A. program should have undergraduate psychology courses in experimental/research methods and psychology statistics.

Applicants are evaluated based on undergraduate GPA, verbal and quantitative GRE scores (see averages below; note that the GRE subject test in Psychology is not required for admission); and other criteria such as research experience, work experience, and letters of recommendation (see weighting below).

Scores/GPA of Fall 2013 Entering M.A. Students:
  • GRE-Verbal: average = 162
  • GRE-Quantitative: average = 159
  • Overall undergraduate GPA: 3.63

Other Admission Criteria:
  • Research experience: High
  • Letters of recommendation: High
  • Work experience: Medium
  • Extracurricular activity: Low
  • Clinically related public service: Low

Detailed Admission requirements are outlined in the Graduate Arts and Sciences Program Catalog.