William and Mary

M.A. Degree

 Our Master's degree program is oriented toward research and designed to prepare students for admission to Ph.D. programs in all areas of psychology. We admit about seven applicants per year – a small size that allows close interaction among students and faculty and superior student training. More than 80 percent of our graduates who subsequently apply for admission to doctoral-level work are accepted.

M.A. at a Glance

Degree Program Established: 1953
Department Faculty: Full-time 21; visiting or part-time, 10
Number of M.A. Degrees Awarded in 2013: 6
Number of Application Received for Fall 2013: 96
Number of Students Admitted for Fall 2012: 9
Total Students Enrolled Full-time 2013-14: 17

Admission is in the Fall semester only; the application deadline is February 15. Over two years of full-time work, students complete 60 credit hours of course work, a first-year research project, and a second-year Master's thesis. 

*Please note - for full consideration, all application materials (transcripts, GRE scores, letters of recommendation, etc.) must be received by the February 15th deadline.

Master's students are integrally involved in research conducted in the Psychology Department.  In many cases, faculty members develop and work with research teams comprised of undergraduate and M.A. students. As a team, the group collaborates to design, conduct, analyze, and publish the work. Students regularly become coauthors of articles reporting the studies in professional journals.

Virtually every student receives a teaching or research assistantship. These assistantships carry a full remission of tuition costs and a nine month stipend. They also require an average workload of 20 hours per week. On-campus housing is available for both married and single students.

We encourage applications from students who are interested in research careers. The program is not appropriate for students interested solely in full-time clinical practice. If your main interest is in counseling, please contact W&M School of Education's School Psychology and Counseling Program or New Horizons Family Counseling.

More information is available on the Arts & Sciences Graduate Program Website.