Newsletter Fall 2012

Dear Alumni of the William and Mary Psychology Department,

We hope that you are all doing well and have enjoyed your summer.  As we enter another academic year, much of the talk of the past week has centered around the relief of not starting the academic year with the three natural disasters (earthquake, hurricane, smoke from the Dismal Swamp fires) that assailed William and Mary last year. 

Over 150 psychology graduates received diplomas and awards

Please read our graduation article to get a glimpse of the Psychology department graduation.

Despite the rocky start, the Psychology Department thrived during the 2011-12 academic year with the capstone being our graduation ceremonies.  Please read our graduation article to get a glimpse of the Psychology department graduation.



Meet Dr. Matthew Hilimire


One of our very important accomplishments last year was the hiring of a new faculty member, Dr. Matthew Hilimire, in the area of perception psychology.  Dr. Hilimire has been busily setting up his lab since his arrival this summer. You can learn more about Dr. Hilimire by watching a video where he introduces himself.



Psychology Homecoming Open House 2012

We hope that you will be able to come back to campus in late October for Homecoming.  The Psychology department has an afternoon of activities planned for alumni including a talk by a William and Mary Psychology alum.  Dr. David Uttal (BA, 1983), a renown cognitive psychologist at Northwestern University will discuss his research with us.

HomecomingOur Homecoming reception will be held in Bright Gallery in the SWEM library on Friday, October 26.  Last Spring, the SWEM library chose to feature the research and accomplishments of the Psychology department faculty and assembled an educational and informative exhibition that highlights the Psychology faculty and their research, which is housed in Bright Gallery.  We certainly appreciate the wonderful job of the library staff in showcasing the Psychology department.


As always, we look forward to hearing your news and seeing you in person whenever you're next in the Williamsburg area.



Janice Zeman, Chair,

Professor, Psychology Department at The College of William & Mary