Planning Your Major

Freshman students planning to major in Psychological Sciences should begin with the introductory classes PSYC 201 and PSYC 202. Both of these classes are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters, and they can be taken in either order.

Most sophomore students go on to take PSYC 301, Elementary Statistics (which also satisfies GER1) and then PSYC 302, Experimental Methods. It’s a good idea in the sophomore year to also take a couple of other Psychology content course at the 300 level.

In fulfilling the remaining requirements for the major, the Psychological Sciences faculty recommend that students sample all the study areas of psychology. Beginning in Fall 2008, a “breadth” requirement for majors helps to ensure that students gain this broad background.

Students pursuing a B.S. degree complete the same courses as B.A. students and also complete three additional courses in the natural sciences, preferably Biology.

Juniors considering completing an Honors project should discuss this with a prospective advisor in the spring semester of their junior year, prior to registration for fall courses.

Future Psychological Sciences majors should look at Major Requirements early and check the link for Declaring a Major.