Psychology and Related Graduate Programs

The myriad of psychology-related career opportunities are well worth investigating.


Field Subject Area
Clinical psychological problems and therapy
Personality measuring and categorizing differences among people
Child/Developmental psychological growth across the life-span
Social interactions among people, within groups
Community delivery of psychological services to the community
Industrial how people operate in organizations
Cognitive how people learn and think
Learning human and animal conditioning and learning
Perception being aware of the outside world
Physio/Behavioral Neuroscience
behavior in terms of the nervous system and physiology
Comparative behavior compared across species
Counseling short-term help for psychological problems



A Psychology major is a good foundation for many non-Psychology graduate programs Psychology majors are highly regarded as having good language and analytical skills.


Program Subject Matter
Counseling (Ph.D., Ed.D.) see above, often in a School of Education
Education (Ed.D., Ph.D.) many sub-areas dealing with children in school
Social Work (M.S.W.) community social services and support
Psychiatric Nursing (Ph.D., M.S.) mental health in a medical setting



M.A. programs in School Psychology, Counseling, and Social Work are two-year programs. Two years of additional supervised work lead to being licensed, opening better job opportunities, including going into private practice.


Program Speciality Subject Matter
Business (MBA) Marketing  product development, packaging, advertising
  Personnel  supervising people within organizations
  Management decision making, leading people in large organizations
Law (L.L.D.) many subareas