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Cocoa, Cookies, and Conversation on Campus Sexual Violence

Hi Psychological Sciences Department,

My name is Leslie Weber, and I am a member of the Healthy Relationships/Sexual Aggression branch of W&M Health Outreach Peer Educators (HOPE). 

HOPE is currently planning an event on Tuesday, December 5th from 6:30-8pm in Tidewater B that will be a community conversation about campus sexual violence. We are imagining the event to be comprised of multiple small group discussions about a variety of topics related to campus sexual violence (Media/Politics and Sexual Misconduct; Climate Survey Data; Title IX; Student Organizations; and Systems of Oppression and Sexual Violence). 

We would greatly value having the voices in the Psychological Sciences department represented in this conversation. It would be great if you could pass along this information to your department (Facebook event link: )! Additionally, if there are any topics you would hope to see discussed during this event, please let us know. We look forward to seeing you and members of your department on December 5!

Parks Research Lab Upcoming Events

The Parks Research Lab at William & Mary connects community members, park practitioners, and researchers to advance research that examines the impact of public spaces on public health, both physical and mental. With our Campus Park Rx projects, we encourage students at William and Mary to get outside in parks and green spaces to benefit their mental health, as exposure to nature is proven to decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.

This semester we have some upcoming events to get students outdoors around campus on the attached PDF! For more information or to get involved, feel free to reach out to Dorothy Ibes at and visit our Facebook page for up to date locations and times of events!

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Internships provide many benefits to students such as college credits, extra spending money, and  most importantly valuable work experience. The challenge for students, however, is knowing where to find available internships in their area. To help students navigate the process, has published a Student Internship Guide.

You can find it here:​​ Resources for Psychology Students

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Learn Psychology Resources for Psychology Students

I know this is a busy time of year with school starting, but I hope you can take the time to review a few updated guides my team and I at Learn Psychology just released. The guides should be very helpful for your Psychology students.

The guides provide financial aid information for Psychology students, resources for them to use while in school and career options for them once they graduate. All of these guides can be checked out below:

- Financial Aid for Psychology Students-
- University Resources for Psychology Students-
- Career Guide for Psychology Students-

I hope you take the time to review this guide and consider including them to your site. They should be strong additions to your site and very helpful for your online community. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Kyle Smith
Director of Communications
Learn Psychology

About us: Learn Psychology provides in-depth information and resources for those interested in pursuing a degree in psychology and other mental health professions.