Application for Departmental Honors in Physics

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Phys 101: General Physics

Phys 102: General Physics

Phys 201: Modern Physics

Phys 208: Classical Mechanics of Particles and Waves I

Phys 251: Experimental Atomic Physics

Phys 252: Electronics I

Phys 303: Classical Mechanics of Particles and Waves II

Phys 309: Undergraduate Seminar

Phys 313: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Phys 314: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Phys 351: Electronics II

Phys 352: Experimental Modern Physics

Phys 401: Electricity and Magnetism

Phys 402: Electricity and Magnetism

Phys 403: Thermodynamics and Introduction to Statistical Mechanics

Math 111: Calculus

Math 112: Calculus

Math 211: Linear Algebra

Math 212: Introduction to Multivariable Calculus

Math 302: Ordinary Differential Equations


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