William and Mary

Mentors and their Research Area

Below, listed by area of research are potential mentors. You might want to contact them directly.

  • Atomic, Molecular and Optical Experiments and Theory (S. Aubin, W.Cooke, J. Delos , I. Novikova, D. Manos )
  • Intermediate Energy Nuclear Experiments (K. A. Griffioen , C. F. Perdrisat)
  • Condensed Matter Experiments ( G. Hoatson , A. Lukaszew, M. Qazilbash)
  • Neutrino Physics (M. Kordosky, J. Nelson, P. Vahle)
  • Nuclear and Particle Theory ( C. E. Carlson, C. Carone , W. Detmold, J. Erlich, K Orginos, M. Sher )
  • Particle Experiments ( D. S. Armstrong, T. Averett)
  • Plasma Theory and Non-Linear Dynamics ( E. R. Tracy, G. Vahala)
  • Solid State Theory ( H. Krakauer, S. Zhang)
  • Surface and Interface Science ( D. M. Manos , M. Kelley )
  • Nondestructive Evaluation ( M. K. Hinders, R. Wincheski, NASA Langley Research Center )
  • Computational Cell Biology and Neuroscience ( Greg Smith)
  • Free Electron Laser (J. Boyce, M. Shinn, Gwyn Willliams)