W&M physics graduate supplemental application - 2017

Please fill out the following supplemental information for your graduate application.
Applicant information
Academic coursework summary

We are interested in learning a bit about the upper division (not 100/freshman level, or sophomore "modern physics") courses that you've taken. We understand  that course titles and content differ from institution to institution. Just do your best to report equivalent courses and estimate number of semesters if your institution doesn't follow the semester system. 

Please report course grades numerically. In the case of letter grades use the following lookup table:

A+ =100  A=95  A-=91

B+=88    B=85  B-=81

C+=78    C=75  C-=71

D+=78    D=75   D-=61


Otherwise, use your best judgement to convert your grades to the US system.  This information is not official but is helpful in letting us get a quick start on the admissions process.  So, in summary, for the grades below please enter a number from 0-100. Enter a 0 if you have not taken this course. Average the score if you took multiple semesters of a course (i.e., E&M-I and -II).

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Classical Mechanics, J. Taylor  

instructor's notes

have not taken

Grades/test scores

Students from outside the US: please convert your grades to the  4 point grade point average (GPA) system using the following table:

Letter Grade   Percent score   GPA

A+/A                    100-93                  4.0

A-                          92-90                   3.7

B+                         89-87                   3.3

B                           86-83                   3.0

B-                         82-80                    2.7

C+                        79-77                    2.3

C                          76-73                    2.0

C-                        72-70                     1.7

D+                        69-67                    1.3

D                          66-63                    1.0

D-                         62-60                    0.7

F                           59-00                    0.0

Students from US institutions: report your GPA as computed by your institution (even if it uses a slightly different score table than above).

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Enter your GPA as a decimal number between 0.00 and 4.00.

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Enter your GPA as a decimal number between 0.00 and 4.00.

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Enter your GRE analytical score as a decimal number between 0.0 and 6.0.
Research interests
Please check all categories that apply.  These are not meant to be restrictive choices. We understand that many students are unsure of their interests when applying and often change interests after being in the program for a year or two.
High energy physics
Nuclear and hadronic physics
Condensed matter physics
Atomic and molecular optics
Plasma and nonlinear dynamics
Email us your GRE scores and unofficial transcripts

We will need to look at your academic transcript, with course titles and grades, as well as your general and physics subject GRE scores before we can reach a decision. Unfortunately these often take a long time to propagate from your institution (or the GRE testing people) to us.  It would help us (and you) immensely if you could send us preliminary versions of your documents electronically. These can be unofficial copies, including a print out of a web based version of your transcript.  

The process is easy, just send an email to:


Include your documents as PDF attachments and they will be uploaded to a place where we can look at them. If your attachments have a total (summed) size larger than 80Mb please send multiple emails to keep the size below 80Mb. Give your documents a reasonable title which includes your name. For example: jenny_smith_gen_gre.pdf would be a good name for the PDF containing Jenny Smith's general GRE scores.

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