Recent Physics Graduates

Class of 2014

1. William Patrick Adams (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: William Cooke “Design and Construction of a Filamentous Algae Harvester Prototype.” Hoping to attend the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Blacksburg, VA. 

 2. John Edwin Anderson (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Wouter Deconinck “Simulations for the SoLID Detector.” Not yet determined.

 3. David Reed Beverstock (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: D. Chris Benner “Algorithms for Fast and Accurate Evaluation of Speed Dependent Spectral Line Shapes.” Not yet determined.

 4. Harrison Andrew Cantor-Cooke (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Seth Aubin “Construction of an Agile Controllable Radio Frequency Source.” Firmware Engineer, Tesla Palo Alto, CA.

 5. Jesse Cameron Evans (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova “Implementation and Evaluation of Four Wave Mixing in Optical Gyroscopes.” Ph.D. in Physics Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.

 6. Nicholas John Gheorghita (pdf), BS-FIN/PHYS Advisor: William Cooke “Material Analysis & Design Considerations Towards an Economic Water Filtration Prototype for Developing Countries.” Not yet determined.

 7. Joshua Cartwright Hill (pdf), BS-PHYS Advisor: Todd Averett “Measurement of the Frequency Shift Parameter  6­0 in Spin-Polarized K-3He Collisions.” Ph.D in Applied Physics, Rice University, Houston, TX.

 8. Arlough John Hollingshad (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS Advisor: Mumtaz Qazilbash “Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Cryogenic Capability.” Technical Specialist, Epic Systems Corporation, Madison, WI.

 9. Gunhee Lee (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS/MATH Advisor: Seth Aubin “Fleshbach Resonances in Ultracold Atoms.” Ph.D. in  Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

 10. Anne Caitlin Mennen (pdf) (Honors), PBK, BS-PHYS Advisor: John Delos “Clinical and Physiological Analysis of Very Long Apneas in Premature Infants.” Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Computational Specialization, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

 11. Timothy William Milbourne (pdf) (Honors), PBK, BS-PHYS  Advisor: Gina Hoatson “Investigating The Use Of Quadrupolar Nuclei for NMR-Based Quantum Information Processing.” Ph.D. in Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

 12. Nicholas Evan Penthorn (pdf) (Honors) BS-PHYS, Advisor: Todd Averett “Precision Polarimetry of Polarized 3He.” Ph.D. in Physics, University of California, Los Angeles, CA.

 13. Joseph Anthony Scholle (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova “Electromagnetically Induced Transparency.” Not yet determined.

14. Matthew Jamews Stephens (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Michael Kordosky “ FPGA-Based Trigger for LArIAT.” Not yet determined.

 15. Rachel Charlotte Taverner (pdf) (Honors), PBK, BS-PHYS Advisor:Wouter Deconinck “Determination and Simulation of Kinematic Parameters in the Qweak Experiment.” Ph.D. in Physics, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.

 16. Elana Khan Urbach (pdf), (Honors) PBK, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Seth Aubin “Development of an Ultracold Rubidium-85 System for Magnetic Molecules and Fleshback Physics” Ph.D. in Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

 17. Sara Dell Williams (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS Advisors: Mark Patterson & William Cooke “Using an Electrical Network Model to Simulate Gas Flux in Perforate and Imperforate Corals: Calculating the Time Constant of Mixing in Gastrovascular Fluid Compartments.” Research Technician, Marine Science Center, Northeastern University, Nahant, MA.


 Class of 2013
  •  Matthew Clayton-Bautista Argao (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Eugeniy Mikhailov, “Automated Mode-Matching of Gaussian Beams.” – Applying to medical school
  •  Roque Ignacio Azpurua (pdf), BS-GOVT/PHYS, Advisor: William Cooke, “Flow Dynamics in an In-Water Algal Growth System.” – Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University
  •  Bain Alexander Bronner (Honors) (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Eugeniy Mikhailov, “Using Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators to Accurately Track Temperature Fluctuations.”  Actively seeking employment
  •  Daniel John Brooker (Honors) (pdf), BS-PHYS/FREN, Advisor: Mumtaz Qazilbash “Infrared Reflectance of Materials at Elevated and Cryogenic Temperatures.” – Ph.D. Program in Physics, University of Florida
  •  Evan Curnen Crisman (pdf), BS-BIO/PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova, “Studies of Transmission and Reflection for an Anisotropic Thin Film System.”  Masters in Medical Physics, University of Pennsylvania
  •  Aaron Nathanael Dantley (pdf), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Carl Carlson “Comparing and Improving Quark Models for the Triply Bottom Baryon Spectrum.” – Actively seeking employment
  •  Jonathan Robert Fischer (pdf), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Enrico Rossi “Ground State of Disordered Graphene Heterostructures.” – Ph.D. Program in Statistics, University of California,Berkeley
  •  Jennifer Marie Hays (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Christopher Carone "Collider Signals in Bosonic Technicolor." -  Ph.D in School of Engineering & Applied Science, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. (Graduated December 2013)
  •  Travis Alexander Hellman (pdf), BS-PHYS/FIN, Advisor: Konstantinos Orginos “Stochastic Processes and Derivative Pricing.” – Humanitarian aid in Mogadishu, Somalia
  •  Patrick Krauss King (Honors) (pdf), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Joshua Erlich, “Generalizing Holographic Superconductors.” – Ph.D. Program in Astronomy, University of Virginia (Jefferson Fellow)
  •  Thomas Scott Lever (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: John Delos “Determining the Best Time to Remove a Ventilator from an Apneatic Baby Based on Graphs of Biophysical Signal Data vs. Time.” – Farming at Twin Oaks Intentional Community
  •  Matthew Anthony Loftus (Honors) (pdf) BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Michael Kordosky “Investigation of Radiation Detectors with Silicon Photomultiplier Readout.” – Pursuing employment in New Zealand
  •  Thomas Ethan Lowery (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Marc Sher, “A Dark Energy Timeline for the Universe.” – Spending a year with the Episcopal Service Corps in San Francisco working for non-profit
  •  Colin Cleaves Manning (pdf), BS-CHEM/PHYS, Advisor: Todd Averett “Fabricating and Measuring a Cylindrical Mirror for the BigBite Gas Cherenkov.” –  Actively seeking employment
  •  Wyatt Lancaster Meldman-Floch (pdf), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Keith Griffioen “Analysis of Di-Hadron Azimuthal Spin Asymmetries in Semi-Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering Using CLAS at JLab.” – Data Analyst, Apsalar in San Francisco
 Class of 2012
  •  Nathan Abraham (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: William Kossler, "Magnetic Fields in Thin Film Superconductors."
  • Daniel R. Branagan (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Mumtaz Qazilbash, "Electrodynamics of Annealed and Unannealed La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 Thin Films." Ph.D. Program in Physics, Northeastern University
  • Brian C. Chase (pdf), BS-PHYS/ECON, Advisor: Seth Aubin, "Cold Molecule Production and Trapping." Traveling
  • James M. Coleman (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Michael Kordosky, "Considerations in Building a GEM Detector." Internship, Petersburg, VA
  • John P. Coleman (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: John Delos, "Toward a Non-Invasive Measure of Cardiac Output." Ph.D. Program in Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Ari J. Cukierman (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Christopher Carone, "Cosmic-Ray Bounds on Lepton-Flavor-Violating Dark-Matter Decays." Ph.D. Program in Physics, University of California, Berkeley
  • Aaron D. Dufour (pdf), BS-PHYS/CSCI, Advisor: William Detmold, "GPUs and Lattice QCD." Software Engineer, Fog Creek Software in New York, NY
  • Jacob A. Fry (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova, "Three Dimensional Magnetic Mapping using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and the Effects of Retro-reflected Light on EIT." Research internship then graduate school
  • Alexander Gvakharia (pfd) (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Seth Aubin, "Development of an Ultra-Cold Atom Atomic Clock." Ph.D. Program in Applied Physics, University of Michigan
  • Christine A. McLean (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Todd Averett, "Design, Testing of a Prototype Heavy Gas Ring-Imaging Cherenkov (GRINCH) Detector." Ph.D. Program in Physics, University of California, Davis
  • James J. Nebeker (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Hannes Schniepp, "Exfoliation of Boron Nitride through Sonication and Centrifugation." M.S. Degree in Aerospace Engineering, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
  • Kristin D. Rhodes (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: William Cooke, "The Characterization of Flow Rates in an In-Water Algal Harvesting Flume." Associate for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Washington, D.C. office
  • Lauren S. White (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Seth Aubin, "Development of a Digital Laser Lock System." Ph.D. Program in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Pavel Zhuravlev (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Eugeniy Mikhailov, "Development of a Stable Laser Lock System." Summer Research, Naval Research Lab Washington, D.C.
  • Kyle E. Zora (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Joshua Erlich, "Meson Condensation and Holographic QCD." Ph.D. Program in Physics, University of California, Davis
  Class of 2011 
  • Kristen A. Bishop (pdf), BS-PHYS/BIOL, Advisor: William Cooke, "The Effect of Substrate Properties on the Attachment and Reproduction of Diatoms." PhD program in Plant Biology, University of Illinois.
  • Kevin C. Cox, (pdf)(Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova, "Vector Magnetometer Using Rb Vapor.", PhD program in Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • Raymond A. Delashmitt, III (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: William Cooke "Characterizing Fluorometers to Measure Wild Algae Growth in Vivo.", Science Technician for Norfolk Naval Shipyard.
  • Jeffrey S. Eldred, (pdf)(Honors), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Patricia Vahle "Studies of NOvA Neutrino Flux with NDOS.", PhD program in Physics, University of Indiana.
  • David J. Gribbin, V. (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova, "Development of Whispering Gallery Modes in Lithium Niobate.", Lab Technician, Boston.
  • Kyle E. Jeong (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisors: Gina Hoatson/Robert Vold "Studying the Dynamics of Boron Compounds Using Boron-11 NMR.", PhD program in Physics, University of Utah.
  • Aaron M. Kearns (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Jeffrey Nelson "Testing of Fiber-Optics for Use in CLAS12 PCAL Detector.", PhD program in Computer Science, University of New Mexico.
  • Ryan M. Laney (pdf), (Honors), BA-PHYS/MUSC, Advisor: Mark Hinders "Automatic Detection of Flaws in Recorded Music Using Wavelet Fingerprinting.", Pursuing a PhD in Music Composition after playing in the band, Kinetic in Washington D.C.
  • Joseph P. Palamara (pdf), (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Gina Hoatson, "NMR Studies of the t1z Relaxation Times of the PMSN Ferroelectric.", Working in Government, Washington, D.C. and playing in the band, Kinetic.
  • Peyton W. Rose (pdf), (Honors), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: David Armstrong "Optimization of Drift Chamber Performance for Qweak Experiment.", PhD program in Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz.
  • Patrick R. Steele (pdf), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Todd Averett "Creation of Precise Rb and K Mixtures for 3He Polarization Studies.", PhD in Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell University.
  • Ronald J. Wilcox (pdf), (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Joshua Erlich "The Pion in AdS/QCD.", Master's in Mechanical Engineering at MIT.
Class of 2010
  • Francesca M. Fornasini, (Honors), Advisors: Irina Novikova/Seth Aubin, “The Application of Four-Wave Mixing to Cold and Ultra-Cold Atom Imaging.”
  • Virginia H. Forstall, Advisor: Christopher Carone, “Improving Unification in the Lee-Wick Standard Model.”
  • Jordan L. Gates, Advisor: Todd Averett, “High Vacuum System for Recovering 3He from Decommissioned Target Cells.”
  • Emily C. Goodale, Advisor: Joshua Erlich, “Holographic QCD.”
  • Christopher A. Houck, Advisor: Mark Hinders, “Portable High-Frequency Ultrasound for Subsurface Characterization of Microelectronics.”
  • Matthew O. Kantner, Advisor: Jeffrey Nelson, “Radioactive Source Testing for the MINERvA Outer Detector and the PCAL at Jefferson Lab.”
  • Andrew Nelson, Advisor: Ale Lukaszew, “Magneto-Optical Ker Studies on Thin Films and nanoparticles.”
  • Colton O'Connor, (Honors), Advisor: Jeffrey Nelson, “Scanning Early Data from the MINERvA Tracking Prototype.”
  • Luke B. Paradis, Advisor: Todd Averett, “Hybrid Alkali Production for Polarized 3He Target Cells.”
  • Charlotte J. Reeves, Advisor: Ale Lukaszew, “Graphene: Characterization after Mechanical Exfoliation.”
  • Brian Richards, (Honors), Advisor: Seth Aubin, “Frequency Space Measurement of the Spectrum of a Mode-Locked Diode Laser.”
  • Paul L. Stubbs, Advisor: Irina Novikova, “Laser Locking with Doppler-Free Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy.”
  • Justin A. Vazquez, Advisor: Ale Lukaszew, “Analysis of Cubic Niobium Thin Film Growth on a Sapphire Substrate Using Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction.”
  • Thomas J. Wallin, Advisor: Hannes Schneipp, “Mechanical Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites Based on Functionalized Graphene Sheet.”
  • Ryan B. Zielinski, Advisor: David Armstrong, “Testing and Analysis of QWeak’s Multiplexing Electronics Systems.”
Class of 2009
  • William Ames, BS-PHYS (Honors), Advisor: Professor Novikova,"Optical Filtering with Phase Singularities"
  • Jeffrey Brown, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Erlich, "Running of the Coupling in the AdS/QCD Correspondence "
  • Jennifer Dorand, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Tracy, "Avalanche Dynamics in a Universal Amplitude Distribution for MALDI Peaks"
  • Douglas Dean, BS-PHYS (Honors), Advisor: Professor Armstrong, "Construction, Analyzing of Drift Chambers for Qweak"
  • Andrew Favaloro, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Orginos, "Using the Ising Model to Describe Resonance Scattering"
  • Joseph Goldfrank, BS-PHYS (Honors), Advisor: Professor Novikova, Honors, "Collisional Transfer of Atomic Coherence"
  • Trevor Harrison, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Aubin, "Mode Locked Diode Laser for Precision Optical Frequency Measurements"
  • Jana Hartman, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Smith, “Calcium Sparks and Calcium Homeostasis in a Hybrid Whole Cell Model”
  • Aaron Krajeski, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Nelson, “Production and Radiation-Source Testing of Scintillor Modules for the MINERvA Neutrino Detector”
  • Allison Leich, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Griffioen, “Elastic and Inelastic Photoproduction and Electroproduction of the J/ψ Particle”
  • Andrew Leister, BS-PHYS (Honors), Advisor: Professor Nelson, "Construction and Calibration of MTest Detector"
  • Sara Mohon, BS-PHYS (Honors), Advisor: Professor Averett, "3He Density Measurements Using Atomic Pressure Broadening"
  • Robert Polackwich, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Erlich, “Using TypeIa Supernovae and CMB Observations to Constrain Cosmological Parameters”
  • Andrew Schmadel, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Kelley, "Power Spectral Analysis of Niobium Surfaces"
  • Scott Watson, BS-PHYS,Advisor: Professor Hinders, "Robotic Multi-Senor Fusion"
  • Justin Winkler, BS-PHYS (Honors), Advisor: Professor Aubin, "Agile Radio Frequency Source for Hyperfine Manipulation of Ultracold Atoms"
Class of 2008
  • Edward W. Baumann, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Todd Averett, "Lecture Hall Acoustics at the College of William and Mary"
  • Nathan T. Belcher, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova, "Development of a Prototype Atomic Clock Based on Coherent Population Trapping"  
  • Jori S. Byrne-Diakun, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Mark Hinders, "Conversion of Analog to Digital Forms for 19th and 20th Century Recordings"
  • Mark W. Cohee, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Mark  Hinders, "A Gage for Measuring Pedal Forces on a Stationary Bicycle"
  • Tanner J. Crowder, BS-PHYS/MATH (Honors), Advisor: Robert Welsh, "Fluorescent/Luminescent Imaging in Mice"
  • Brian J. DeSalvo, (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Seth Aubin, "Mode-Locked Diode Laser for Precision Optical Frequency Measurements"
  • Amanda L. Goehring, BS-PHYS/GBST, Advisor: William Kossler, "Fitting High Tc Superconductor Data to Theories of Vortex Pinning"
  • William R. Hackeman, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Todd Averett, "Calibration of Radiation Monitors"
  • Piers A. Horvath, BS-PHYS/HIST, Advisor: Marc Sher, "Perturbation Theory for the Δ (1232)"
  • Ian J. Howley, BS-PHYS/MUSC, Advisor: Jeffrey Nelson, "Minerva Detector Package and Test Beam Prototyping"
  • Corey A. Miller, BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Mark Hinders, "Intelligent Structural Health Monitoring with Guided Ultrasonic Waves"
  • Lukas D. Osborne, (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Joshua Erlich, "Using Type Ia Supernovae and Galaxy Clusters to Constrain Cosmology"
  • Alvin B. Potter, BS-PHYS/INRL, Advisor: Robert Vold, "Statistical Analysis of Extra-solar Planetary Systems"
  • Ashwin Rastogi, (Honors), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Christopher Carone, "A G2 Electroweak Model"
  • Kevin C. Sapp, (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Carl Carlson, "Operator-Based Noncommutative Space"
  • Christopher R. Silkworth, (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor:  Kostantinos Orginos, "Large-N Phase Transitions on the Lattice"
  • James J. Street, BS-PHYS/BBA-FIN, Advisor: Rosa A. Lukaszew, "Thin Film Deposition using Sputtering"
  • Jonathan T. Sutton, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Robert Welsh, "The Development of a Novel Lanthanum Bromide Scintillation Detector for SPECT Imaging"
  • Chris von Hohenleiten, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Jan Chaloupka, "Detection and Analysis of Laser Beam Pointing Stability under Environmental Stresses"
  • Amir K. Yazdi, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Robert Welsh, "Improvements for the Imaging of Small Animals"
Class of 2007
  • Matthew Aviles, Advisor: Dr. Cooke, "The Detection of Biomolecules using TOF-SIMS"
  • Michael Bagge-Hansen, Advisor: Dr. Outlaw, "Field emission modification of Carbon nanosheet by Molybdenum Carbide thin film formation"
  • Keith Bechtol, Advisor: Dr. Erlich, "Constraining Photon-Axion Oscillation Model with Supernovae Data"
  • Paul Black, Advisor: Dr. Averett, "Density Measurements of He3 Cells"
  • Justin Deighan, Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Imaging and Control of Laser Filmutation in Air"
  • Danielle Dumond, Advisor: Dr. Hinders, "Mobile Robot Sensor Fusion"
  • Ryan Ford, Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Fourier optics and phase modulation of a laser beam"
  • Christopher Hendricks, Advisor" Dr. Kossler, "Comparison between Radiation Damage Calculated with NASA-LARC'S HZETRN and with GEANT4"
  • Kendra Letchworth, Advisor: Dr. Benner, "Optimization of the speed-dependent line-shape calculation"
  • Andrew McGowan, Advisor: Dr. Erlich, "
  • Alison Pouch, Advisor: Dr. Hinders, "Ultrasonic Classification of Emboli"
  • Thomas Ruscher, Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Development of a High-Speed Photographic Imaging System"
  • Kelly Sassin, Advisor: Dr. Nelson, "Assembly Prototyping of the Minerva Scintillator Planes"
  • Abigail Shockley, Advisor: Dr. Kossler, "Vortex Pinning in High-Tc superconductors"
  • Jessica Vance, Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Revamping 101 Labs"
  • Patrick Vora, Advisor: Dr. Sher, "4th Generation of Quarks and leptons"
  • Brian Walsh, Advisor: Dr. Armstrong, "Qweak"
  • Nicholas Walsh, Advisor: Dr. Griffioen, "Transversity in Pion-Pair Production"
  • Brian Wolthuis, Advisor: Dr. Nelson, Development of Scintillator Counters for the MINERvA Neutrino Detector"
  • Melissa Zoller, Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Revamping 101 Labs"
Class of 2006
  • Jonathan Henry Boyle
  • Christopher Aaron Brittin
  • Daniel Joseph Burke
  • Daniel Scott Damiani, The Society of the Alumni Student Undergraduate Research Award in Physics
  • Peter John De Castro
  • Bradley Michael DeBlois
  • Nathaniel Joseph Elberfeld
  • Joshua David Evans
  • Graham Kurt Giovanetti
  • Daniel Richard Goethel
  • Amelia Seleste Greer
  • Anne Josephine Guzzi
  • Lloyd William Jones
  • Craig Normand Labbe
  • Emily M. Nugent
  • Christopher Andrew O'Neill
  • David Emile Vatcher Rose, E. Gary Clark Memorial Scholarship
  • Meghan Colleen Snyder
  • Brian Christopher Spencer, E. Gary Clark Memorial Scholarship, The Don Edward Harrison, Jr. Award for Excellence in Physics
  • David Buchanan Wolcott
  • Nathan Thomas Abraham, December 06
  • Brett Norris Appleton, December 06
  • Evan John Molinelli, December 06
Class of 2005
  • Laurel Averett
  • Rebekah Blount
  • Erin Buckley
  • Jeremy Chen
  • Raymond Dickes, III
  • Gregory diComo
  • John DuChateau
  • William Hammond
  • Michael Herbst
  • Adam Holman
  • Jeremy McLean
  • Vien Nguyen
  • Aivela Rayfield
  • Dillon Roach
  • John Sakon
  • Lena Sherbakov
  • Kelly Sullivan
  • William Tarantino
  • Dimitar Vlassarev
Class of 2004
  • Julia Cella
  • Lindsay Chipman
  • Peter Dolph
  • Drew Donnolly
  • Erin Epperson
  • Jason Faulkenberry
  • Paul Hansen
  • Ellen Keister
  • Lauren Larkin
  • Kristie Loncich
  • John Mallory
  • Rob McFadyen
  • Jack Simonson
  • Aimee Slaughter
  • Ian Terrell
  • Frank Wells
  • Kyle Wisian
  • Andrew York
  • James Younkin
Class of 2003
  • Edith Bowers
  • Paul Brewer
  • Andrew Busch
  • Shawn England
  • Kirsten Fuoti
  • Scott Hertel
  • Mark Hibbard
  • Josh Hippert
  • Jason Hoffman
  • Andrew Hucke
  • Yuki Ishibashi
  • Brian Koch
  • Timothy Leftwich
  • Marc McGuigan
  • Matthew Schu
  • Kevin Smith
  • Frannie Swajkoski
  • Jessica Ucinski
Class of 2002
  • Cihan Akcay
  • Sarp Akcay
  • Stephanie Bailey
  • Daniel Bowring
  • Andrew Davis
  • Rachele Dominguez
  • Sam Dunn
  • Andrew Fraser
  • Hermonta Godwin
  • Tamara Hayford
  • Jenna Klotz
  • Andrew Lane
  • Matthew Larsen
  • Christopher Mayes
  • Patrick Meade
  • Daniel Milkie
  • Justin Miller
  • James Schafer
  • Haley Showman
Class of 2001
  • William Ashton III
  • Ken Baranowski
  • Kathy-Anne Brickman
  • James Buckingham, Jr.
  • Hugh Carney
  • David Drosdoff
  • John Feldmann
  • Evin Grano
  • Leah Johnson
  • Greg Jones
  • Kevin Knott
  • Eric Koskinen
  • Will McBride
  • Jon Mellor
  • Luke Ng
  • Pham Truong
  • Amoreena Ranck
  • Keely Schneiter
  • Travis Turner
  • Joshua Waterfall
  • Nicholas West
class of 2000Class of 2000
  • Mandy Brown
  • Lara Bryan
  • Karen Burke
  • John Cleveland
  • Adam Cohen
  • Heather Faltin
  • Christopher Fetsch
  • Adam Gurson
  • Matthew Inman
  • Lisa Kaufman
  • Jennifer Knowles
  • Dave Leichtman
  • Randy Mulvaney
  • Christopher Neilson
  • Patrick Ryan
  • Rob Saunders
  • Aaron Suplizio
  • Ian Swanson
  • Charles Tahan
  • Brian Tighe
  • Ruth Van de Water
  • Theodore Vecchione
  • Michelle Venanzi
  • Linton Wells III
  • Jennifer Wilkes
Class of 1999
  • Chandler Amiss
  • Mark G. Finlan
  • Abigail Flower
  • Tesla Jeltema
  • Michael L. Johnson
  • Paul Larsen
  • Kevin R. Leonard
  • Christopher Neilson
  • Daniel Reid
  • Anthony Richardella
  • Olivia Ryu
  • Stephen Simons
  • Sandy Sligh
  • Wendy Vogan
  • TJ Walls
Class of 1998
  • Fritz Allhoff
  • Robert Bergman
  • Ryan J. Bubb
  • Tiffany Churukian
  • Alex Dubanowitz
  • Molly Gale
  • Anthony Holincheck
  • Miles Johnston
  • Alex Jones
  • Mark Klingman
  • Bonwoo Lee
  • Yuriko Lippincott
  • Arun Mangalam
  • Bao Nguyen
  • Ryan Perroy
  • Mark Porter
  • Patrick Roberts
  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Maura Williams
Class of 1997
  • Jeremy Beker
  • Nancy Bent
  • Mark Bowen
  • Lisa DeJong
  • Tarek El-Sawy
  • Rose Hickman
  • Todd LaFiura
  • Pablo Londero
  • Matthew Mizenko
  • Robin Myers
  • Thomas O'Connor
  • Seth Olsen
  • Kevin Rehak
  • Anne Steinbach
  • Scott Swain
  • Scott Sweeney
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Jin Yamamoto