Recent Physics Graduates

*MS – Monroe Scholar
 - James Monroe Scholars are the most academically distinguished undergraduates at the College of William & Mary. Other selection criteria include a concern for community, intellectual depth, curiosity, and a demonstrated devotion to learning for learning's sake.
*PBK – Phi Beta Kappa
- The nation's oldest Greek-letter fraternity was founded by William & Mary students. At present, members of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Chapter number more than a thousand. Up to seven percent of the senior class at William & Mary are elected to membership each year. Selection is based largely on scholarship.

Class of 2016
1. Ashna Aggarwal, Honors, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Novikova, “An Analysis of Optical Quantum Noise in Coherent Interactions for a Three-level Atom.” Ph.D. in Space Physics, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

2. Peibo An, Honors, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Averett, “Studies on the DAQ System of GRINCH Detector.”, Ph.D. in Physics, Duke University, Durham, NC
3. Wyndham More Batchelor, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Deconinck, “PHA Biopolymer Filament for 3D Printing.” Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
4. Haley Coddington Bauser, Honors,*PBK, *MS, BS-PHYS, 2016 Recipient of the Alumni Research Award, Advisor: Novikova, “Light Entanglement through a Rubidium Vapor Cell.”
Ph.D. in Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
5. Eve Adde Chase, Honors, *PBK, *MS, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Vahle, “Sensitivity Determination in the CHIPS Neutrino Detector.”Ph.D. in Physics, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
6. Melissa Kay Dullum, BS-CHEM/PHYS, Advisor: Harbron, “The Use of Fluorescent Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles to Detect Mercury in Solution.”
7. Matthew Joseph Ferry,*PBK, BS-PHYS/ECON Advisors: Deconinck & Sanders, “Tungsten-Infused Filaments for Additive Manufacturing.” Strategic Business Analyst, Red Ventures, Fort Mill, SC
8. Samuel Peter Paiewonsky Girdzis, Honors, *PBK, *MS, BS-PHYS/MATH, 2016 Recipient of the Don Edward Harrison Jr. Award for Excellence in Physics, “Corrosion in a Molten Salt Environment.”  Advisors: Cooke & Vasiliu, Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
9. David Carmichael Greene, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Deconinck, “Mechanical and Radiation Hardness Testing of 3D Printed Scintillators.”
10. Matthew David Groves, BS-PHYS/RLST, Advisors: Hinders & Angelov, “Applications of a Length-Limited Parametric Array: Benignly Excluding Birds.” Master of Divinity, Vanderbilt University Divinity School, Nashville, TN
11. Ian Wilson Hage, Honors, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Aubin, “Development of a Digital Offset Laser Lock.” M.S. in Electrical Engineering, North Carolina State University
12. Matthew Ramin Hamedani Heffernan, Honors, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Walker-Loud, “Quantifying the Sensitivity of Big Bang Nucleosynthesis to Isospin Breaking.” PhD-track M.Sc. in Physics, McGill University, Montréal, Quebec, Canada
13. Matthew Scot Heimburger, BS-PHYS/CSCI,  “A Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect Study.” Advisors: Stathopoulos & Lukaszew
14. Wade Daniel Hodson, Honors, *PBK, *MS, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Tracy, “Memory as Bayesian Inference: On the Connection between Memory and the Second Law of Thermodynamics.”Ph.D. in Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
15. Daniel Lee Kang, BS-PHYS/CSCI, Advisors: Rossi & Lewis,  “Quantum Transport in Two Dimensions.”  Working at Innovative Defense Technologies
16. Sarah Frances Maddox, *MS, BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Delos & Li,  “Quantitative Analysis of Vital Signs of Premature Infants” Ph.D. in Biophysics, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
17. Jackson Cross Olsen, Honors, *PBK, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Erlich, “Black Holes and Finite-Temperature Field Theory in AdS/CFT.” Ph.D. in Physics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
18. Neal Evan Parker, BS-PHYS/BIOL, Advisors: Cooke & Sanderson, “Characterization of a Time-of-Flight Camera for Use in Diffuse Optical Tomography.” Outdoor Guide, Chena Hot Springs Resort, Fairbanks, Alaska for the summer. Plans to attend graduate school this fall
19. Emma Anne Pierce, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Cooke,  “De-convolution of High Density Diffuse Optical Tomography Signals.” Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service EMT training program, Georgetown University, Washington DC
20. Mitchell Vincent Polizzi, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Qazilbash, “Optical Properties of NbO2.”
21. Simon Slifman Ranagan, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Deconinck, “Uses and Capabilities of the Laguna IQ CNC Router.” Second Lieutenant, Infantry, U.S. Army, Fort Benning, GA
22. Hunter Blake Rew, Honors, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Mikhailov, “Increasing Quantum Limited Sensitivity of Interferometers Using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency.” Software Engineer, Decisive Analytics, Arlington, VA
23. Robert Christian Risque, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Jog,  “Architecture Optimization for Quantum Computing.” Ph.D. in Computer Science, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA
24. Cayla Sadiya Sherrell, BS-INTR, Advisor: Armstrong, “Physics and Sustainability.” Intern, Reformed University Fellowship, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA
25. Marcus Sundar Starman, Honors, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Deconinck, “Effect of Hyperons on Pion Asymmetries Measured in the Qweak Experiment.” M.E in Mechanical and Aerospace, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
26. Ashley Gabrielle Stewart, BS-PHYS/PUBP, Advisor: Cooke & McBeth    “Design of the Diffuse Optical Tomography Device.”
27. Richard Douglas Thaxton, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Deconinck, “Extrusion of Polyhydroxyalkanoate Filament for Use in 3D Printers.”
28. Dylan Louis Veyrat, *MS, BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisors: Sher & Li, “Firewalls and the Quantum Properties of Black Holes.” Ph.D. in Physics, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
29. Owen Robert Wolfe, Honors, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Mikhailov    “Improving Optical Gyroscope Sensitivity Using a Fast Light Regime.” Ph.D. in Physics, Montana State University
30. Jing Ye, BS-PHYS/ECON, Advisors: Schniepp & Archibald, “Interfacial Characterization of Graphene Oxide/Polymer Nanocomposites.” Risk Analyst, Nodal Exchange, Vienna, VA

Class of 2015

1. William Frederick Bergan pdf, (Honors), *PBK, BS-PHYS/MATH, 2015 recipient of Thomas Jefferson Prize in Natural Philosophy, 2015 recipient of Don Edward Harrison Jr. Award for Excellence in Physics, Advisor: Nelson, “Measurements of the Lead-Hydrocarbon Cross Section Ratio for Charged-Current Neutrino Interactions.”  Ph.D. in Physics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 

2. Paulo Jared Black pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Vahle, “Flux Investigations for Neutrino Experiments in the NuMI Beam.” Masters in Materials Science, Center for Materials Research, Norfolk, VA

3. Amanda Lee Collins pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Armstrong, “Orchestrated Objective Reduction: Quantum Physics and its Implications in Human Consciousness.” Taking two years off to work until returning to school to pursue a doctoral degree in either Geophysics or Biophysics

4. Oscar James Deaver pdf, *MS, BS-MATH/PHYS, Advisor: Deconinck, “Uniformity and Crosstalk in Multi-Anode Photomultiplier Tubes.” Masters in Aerospace Program with the intent to enter the aerospace industry, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

5. Daniel Michael Duane pdf, *PBK, BS-PHYS/GOVT, Advisor: Hinders “Analysis of Lamb Waves in Sea Ice.” Ph.D. in Ocean Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

6. Conner McKenzie Geery pdf, BS-PHYS/RLST, Advisor: Lukaszew, “Thin Film Characterizations Using XRD: The Cases of VO2 and NbTiN.” NTT Data in Information Technology

7. David Joseph Geroski pdf, (Honors), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Zhang “Persistent Population Biases in Branching Random Walk Algorithms.” System Engineer, Raytheon Co. in Tewksbury, MA

8. Andrew Robert Hall pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Aubin, “High Current Switch.” Rustic Pathways Thailand Program, Thailand

9. Christopher Randolf Haufe pdf, (Honors), *PBK, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Deconinck “GEANT4 Simulation of Detector Properties in the MOLLER Experiment.” Ph.D. Program in Physics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

10. Rachel Jordan Hyneman pdf, (Honors), *PBK, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Vahle, 2015 recipient of Don Edward Harrison Jr. Award for Excellence in Physics, “Near Field Effects in Radio Frequency Emission from Particle Showers in a Dense Medium.” Ph.D. in Particle Physics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

11. Cora Marie Karamitsos pdf, (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Nelson, “Calibration of the MINERvA Test Beam and Verification of Medium Energy Geometries.” Math Teacher with Teach for America, North Carolina

12. Brandon Taylor Kriesten pdf, (Honors) BS-PHYS, Advisor: Vahle, “A Study of the Cosmic Ray Rate in the CHIPS-M Prototype Detector.” Ph.D. in High Energy Physics, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

13. Keyi Liu pdf, BS-PHYS/MATH pdf, Advisor: Erlich, “Holographic Models of Unconventional Materials.” Ph.D. in Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

14. Sahnun Hassan Mohamud pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Pagola, “The Structural Analysis of Charge Transfer Salts from Synchrotron X-ray and Neutron Powder Diffraction Data.” Summer trip to Mogadishu, Somalia

15. Alice Elizabeth Perrin pdf, (Honors), *PBK, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Deconinck, 2015 recipient of Alumni Research Award, “3D Printing Scintillating Detectors for Field Emission Detection in Niobium SRF Cavities” Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

16. Matthew John Roberts pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Averett, “Solving the Mystery of the H1 Field.” Ph.D. in Physics, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

17. Kelly Nicole Roman pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Novikova, “Entangling Photons via Four-Wave Mixing in a Rubidium Vapor Cell.” Curriculum & Instruction Program to earn Master in Education (MAEd) degree in Secondary Science, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA

18. Anuraag Sensharma pdf, *PBK, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Erlich “Dante's Waterfall: A Hybrid Model of Inflation.” Curriculum & Instruction Program to earn Master in Education (MAEd) degree in Secondary Science School of Education, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA

19. Shaan Yogesh Sharma pdf, BS-PHYS/INTR, Advisor: Lukaszew “Taming of Monsters: Expansion of the Applications of Fractal Geometry.”

20. Andrew Nolan Smith pdf, (Honors), *MS, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Averett, “Studies of Polarized 3He Cell Lifetimes.” 

21. David Andrew Specht pdf, (Honors), *PBK, BS-PHYS Advisor: Cooke, “Growth and Characterization of Gold Nanostructures Produced from Diatomaceous Algae.” Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

22. Marcus Sundar Starman pdf, (Honors), Advisor: Deconinck,  “Effects of Hyperons on Pion Asymmetries Measured in the Qweak Experiment.” 

23. Sean Choong-Seoup Youn pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Cooke, “Characterization of Diffuse Optical Tomography Scans using NIRFAST.”

24. Christopher Gregory Zoghby pdf, (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Erlich    “Production of B-Modes in the CMB from Physics Beyond the Standard Model.” Take a year off and then planning to apply to graduate school

Class of 2014
1. William Patrick Adams (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: William Cooke “Design and Construction of a Filamentous Algae Harvester Prototype.” Hoping to attend the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Blacksburg, VA. 

 2. John Edwin Anderson (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Wouter Deconinck “Simulations for the SoLID Detector.” Not yet determined.

 3. David Reed Beverstock (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: D. Chris Benner “Algorithms for Fast and Accurate Evaluation of Speed Dependent Spectral Line Shapes.” Not yet determined.

 4. Harrison Andrew Cantor-Cooke (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Seth Aubin “Construction of an Agile Controllable Radio Frequency Source.” Firmware Engineer, Tesla Palo Alto, CA.

 5. Jesse Cameron Evans (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova “Implementation and Evaluation of Four Wave Mixing in Optical Gyroscopes.” Ph.D. in Physics Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.

 6. Nicholas John Gheorghita (pdf), BS-FIN/PHYS Advisor: William Cooke “Material Analysis & Design Considerations Towards an Economic Water Filtration Prototype for Developing Countries.” Not yet determined.

 7. Joshua Cartwright Hill (pdf), BS-PHYS Advisor: Todd Averett “Measurement of the Frequency Shift Parameter  6­0 in Spin-Polarized K-3He Collisions.” Ph.D in Applied Physics, Rice University, Houston, TX.

 8. Arlough John Hollingshad (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS Advisor: Mumtaz Qazilbash “Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Cryogenic Capability.” Technical Specialist, Epic Systems Corporation, Madison, WI.

 9. Gunhee Lee (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS/MATH Advisor: Seth Aubin “Fleshbach Resonances in Ultracold Atoms.” Ph.D. in  Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

 10. Anne Caitlin Mennen (pdf) (Honors), PBK, BS-PHYS Advisor: John Delos “Clinical and Physiological Analysis of Very Long Apneas in Premature Infants.” Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Computational Specialization, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

 11. Timothy William Milbourne (pdf) (Honors), PBK, BS-PHYS  Advisor: Gina Hoatson “Investigating The Use Of Quadrupolar Nuclei for NMR-Based Quantum Information Processing.” Ph.D. in Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

 12. Nicholas Evan Penthorn (pdf) (Honors) BS-PHYS, Advisor: Todd Averett “Precision Polarimetry of Polarized 3He.” Ph.D. in Physics, University of California, Los Angeles, CA.

 13. Joseph Anthony Scholle (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova “Electromagnetically Induced Transparency.” Not yet determined.

14. Matthew Jamews Stephens (pdf),BS-PHYS, Advisor: Michael Kordosky “ FPGA-Based Trigger for LArIAT.” Ph.D. in Computer Science, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA.

 15. Rachel Charlotte Taverner (pdf) (Honors), PBK, BS-PHYS Advisor:Wouter Deconinck “Determination and Simulation of Kinematic Parameters in the Qweak Experiment.” Ph.D. in Physics, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.

 16. Elana Khan Urbach (pdf), (Honors) PBK, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Seth Aubin “Development of an Ultracold Rubidium-85 System for Magnetic Molecules and Fleshback Physics” Ph.D. in Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

 17. Sara Dell Williams (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS Advisors: Mark Patterson & William Cooke “Using an Electrical Network Model to Simulate Gas Flux in Perforate and Imperforate Corals: Calculating the Time Constant of Mixing in Gastrovascular Fluid Compartments.” Research Technician, Marine Science Center, Northeastern University, Nahant, MA.


 Class of 2013
  •  Matthew Clayton-Bautista Argao (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Eugeniy Mikhailov, “Automated Mode-Matching of Gaussian Beams.” – Applying to medical school
  •  Roque Ignacio Azpurua (pdf), BS-GOVT/PHYS, Advisor: William Cooke, “Flow Dynamics in an In-Water Algal Growth System.” – Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University
  •  Bain Alexander Bronner (Honors) (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Eugeniy Mikhailov, “Using Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators to Accurately Track Temperature Fluctuations.”  Actively seeking employment
  •  Daniel John Brooker (Honors) (pdf), BS-PHYS/FREN, Advisor: Mumtaz Qazilbash “Infrared Reflectance of Materials at Elevated and Cryogenic Temperatures.” – Ph.D. Program in Physics, University of Florida
  •  Evan Curnen Crisman (pdf), BS-BIO/PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova, “Studies of Transmission and Reflection for an Anisotropic Thin Film System.”  Masters in Medical Physics, University of Pennsylvania
  •  Aaron Nathanael Dantley (pdf), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Carl Carlson “Comparing and Improving Quark Models for the Triply Bottom Baryon Spectrum.” – Actively seeking employment
  •  Jonathan Robert Fischer (pdf), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Enrico Rossi “Ground State of Disordered Graphene Heterostructures.” – Ph.D. Program in Statistics, University of California,Berkeley
  •  Jennifer Marie Hays (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Christopher Carone "Collider Signals in Bosonic Technicolor." -  Ph.D in School of Engineering & Applied Science, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. (Graduated December 2013)
  •  Travis Alexander Hellman (pdf), BS-PHYS/FIN, Advisor: Konstantinos Orginos “Stochastic Processes and Derivative Pricing.” – Humanitarian aid in Mogadishu, Somalia
  •  Patrick Krauss King (Honors) (pdf), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Joshua Erlich, “Generalizing Holographic Superconductors.” – Ph.D. Program in Astronomy, University of Virginia (Jefferson Fellow)
  •  Thomas Scott Lever (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: John Delos “Determining the Best Time to Remove a Ventilator from an Apneatic Baby Based on Graphs of Biophysical Signal Data vs. Time.” – Farming at Twin Oaks Intentional Community
  •  Matthew Anthony Loftus (Honors) (pdf) BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Michael Kordosky “Investigation of Radiation Detectors with Silicon Photomultiplier Readout.” – Pursuing employment in New Zealand
  •  Thomas Ethan Lowery (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Marc Sher, “A Dark Energy Timeline for the Universe.” – Spending a year with the Episcopal Service Corps in San Francisco working for non-profit
  •  Colin Cleaves Manning (pdf), BS-CHEM/PHYS, Advisor: Todd Averett “Fabricating and Measuring a Cylindrical Mirror for the BigBite Gas Cherenkov.” –  Actively seeking employment
  •  Wyatt Lancaster Meldman-Floch (pdf), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Keith Griffioen “Analysis of Di-Hadron Azimuthal Spin Asymmetries in Semi-Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering Using CLAS at JLab.” – Data Analyst, Apsalar in San Francisco
 Class of 2012
  •  Nathan Abraham (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: William Kossler, "Magnetic Fields in Thin Film Superconductors."
  • Daniel R. Branagan (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Mumtaz Qazilbash, "Electrodynamics of Annealed and Unannealed La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 Thin Films." Ph.D. Program in Physics, Northeastern University
  • Brian C. Chase (pdf), BS-PHYS/ECON, Advisor: Seth Aubin, "Cold Molecule Production and Trapping." Traveling
  • James M. Coleman (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Michael Kordosky, "Considerations in Building a GEM Detector." Internship, Petersburg, VA
  • John P. Coleman (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: John Delos, "Toward a Non-Invasive Measure of Cardiac Output." Ph.D. Program in Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Ari J. Cukierman (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Christopher Carone, "Cosmic-Ray Bounds on Lepton-Flavor-Violating Dark-Matter Decays." Ph.D. Program in Physics, University of California, Berkeley
  • Aaron D. Dufour (pdf), BS-PHYS/CSCI, Advisor: William Detmold, "GPUs and Lattice QCD." Software Engineer, Fog Creek Software in New York, NY
  • Jacob A. Fry (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova, "Three Dimensional Magnetic Mapping using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and the Effects of Retro-reflected Light on EIT." Research internship then graduate school
  • Alexander Gvakharia (pfd) (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Seth Aubin, "Development of an Ultra-Cold Atom Atomic Clock." Ph.D. Program in Applied Physics, University of Michigan
  • Christine A. McLean (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Todd Averett, "Design, Testing of a Prototype Heavy Gas Ring-Imaging Cherenkov (GRINCH) Detector." Ph.D. Program in Physics, University of California, Davis
  • James J. Nebeker (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Hannes Schniepp, "Exfoliation of Boron Nitride through Sonication and Centrifugation." M.S. Degree in Aerospace Engineering, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
  • Kristin D. Rhodes (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: William Cooke, "The Characterization of Flow Rates in an In-Water Algal Harvesting Flume." Associate for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Washington, D.C. office
  • Lauren S. White (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Seth Aubin, "Development of a Digital Laser Lock System." Ph.D. Program in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Pavel Zhuravlev (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Eugeniy Mikhailov, "Development of a Stable Laser Lock System." Summer Research, Naval Research Lab Washington, D.C.
  • Kyle E. Zora (pdf) (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Joshua Erlich, "Meson Condensation and Holographic QCD." Ph.D. Program in Physics, University of California, Davis
  Class of 2011 
  • Kristen A. Bishop (pdf), BS-PHYS/BIOL, Advisor: William Cooke, "The Effect of Substrate Properties on the Attachment and Reproduction of Diatoms." PhD program in Plant Biology, University of Illinois.
  • Kevin C. Cox, (pdf)(Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova, "Vector Magnetometer Using Rb Vapor.", PhD program in Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • Raymond A. Delashmitt, III (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: William Cooke "Characterizing Fluorometers to Measure Wild Algae Growth in Vivo.", Science Technician for Norfolk Naval Shipyard.
  • Jeffrey S. Eldred, (pdf)(Honors), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Patricia Vahle "Studies of NOvA Neutrino Flux with NDOS.", PhD program in Physics, University of Indiana.
  • David J. Gribbin, V. (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova, "Development of Whispering Gallery Modes in Lithium Niobate.", Lab Technician, Boston.
  • Kyle E. Jeong (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisors: Gina Hoatson/Robert Vold "Studying the Dynamics of Boron Compounds Using Boron-11 NMR.", PhD program in Physics, University of Utah.
  • Aaron M. Kearns (pdf), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Jeffrey Nelson "Testing of Fiber-Optics for Use in CLAS12 PCAL Detector.", PhD program in Computer Science, University of New Mexico.
  • Ryan M. Laney (pdf), (Honors), BA-PHYS/MUSC, Advisor: Mark Hinders "Automatic Detection of Flaws in Recorded Music Using Wavelet Fingerprinting.", Pursuing a PhD in Music Composition after playing in the band, Kinetic in Washington D.C.
  • Joseph P. Palamara (pdf), (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Gina Hoatson, "NMR Studies of the t1z Relaxation Times of the PMSN Ferroelectric.", Working in Government, Washington, D.C. and playing in the band, Kinetic.
  • Peyton W. Rose (pdf), (Honors), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: David Armstrong "Optimization of Drift Chamber Performance for Qweak Experiment.", PhD program in Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz.
  • Patrick R. Steele (pdf), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Todd Averett "Creation of Precise Rb and K Mixtures for 3He Polarization Studies.", PhD in Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell University.
  • Ronald J. Wilcox (pdf), (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Joshua Erlich "The Pion in AdS/QCD.", Master's in Mechanical Engineering at MIT.
Class of 2010
  • Francesca M. Fornasini, (Honors), Advisors: Irina Novikova/Seth Aubin, “The Application of Four-Wave Mixing to Cold and Ultra-Cold Atom Imaging.”
  • Virginia H. Forstall, Advisor: Christopher Carone, “Improving Unification in the Lee-Wick Standard Model.”
  • Jordan L. Gates, Advisor: Todd Averett, “High Vacuum System for Recovering 3He from Decommissioned Target Cells.”
  • Emily C. Goodale, Advisor: Joshua Erlich, “Holographic QCD.”
  • Christopher A. Houck, Advisor: Mark Hinders, “Portable High-Frequency Ultrasound for Subsurface Characterization of Microelectronics.”
  • Matthew O. Kantner, Advisor: Jeffrey Nelson, “Radioactive Source Testing for the MINERvA Outer Detector and the PCAL at Jefferson Lab.”
  • Andrew Nelson, Advisor: Ale Lukaszew, “Magneto-Optical Ker Studies on Thin Films and nanoparticles.”
  • Colton O'Connor, (Honors), Advisor: Jeffrey Nelson, “Scanning Early Data from the MINERvA Tracking Prototype.”
  • Luke B. Paradis, Advisor: Todd Averett, “Hybrid Alkali Production for Polarized 3He Target Cells.”
  • Charlotte J. Reeves, Advisor: Ale Lukaszew, “Graphene: Characterization after Mechanical Exfoliation.”
  • Brian Richards, (Honors), Advisor: Seth Aubin, “Frequency Space Measurement of the Spectrum of a Mode-Locked Diode Laser.”
  • Paul L. Stubbs, Advisor: Irina Novikova, “Laser Locking with Doppler-Free Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy.”
  • Justin A. Vazquez, Advisor: Ale Lukaszew, “Analysis of Cubic Niobium Thin Film Growth on a Sapphire Substrate Using Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction.”
  • Thomas J. Wallin, Advisor: Hannes Schneipp, “Mechanical Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites Based on Functionalized Graphene Sheet.”
  • Ryan B. Zielinski, Advisor: David Armstrong, “Testing and Analysis of QWeak’s Multiplexing Electronics Systems.”
Class of 2009
  • William Ames, BS-PHYS (Honors), Advisor: Professor Novikova,"Optical Filtering with Phase Singularities"
  • Jeffrey Brown, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Erlich, "Running of the Coupling in the AdS/QCD Correspondence "
  • Jennifer Dorand, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Tracy, "Avalanche Dynamics in a Universal Amplitude Distribution for MALDI Peaks"
  • Douglas Dean, BS-PHYS (Honors), Advisor: Professor Armstrong, "Construction, Analyzing of Drift Chambers for Qweak"
  • Andrew Favaloro, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Orginos, "Using the Ising Model to Describe Resonance Scattering"
  • Joseph Goldfrank, BS-PHYS (Honors), Advisor: Professor Novikova, Honors, "Collisional Transfer of Atomic Coherence"
  • Trevor Harrison, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Aubin, "Mode Locked Diode Laser for Precision Optical Frequency Measurements"
  • Jana Hartman, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Smith, “Calcium Sparks and Calcium Homeostasis in a Hybrid Whole Cell Model”
  • Aaron Krajeski, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Nelson, “Production and Radiation-Source Testing of Scintillor Modules for the MINERvA Neutrino Detector”
  • Allison Leich, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Griffioen, “Elastic and Inelastic Photoproduction and Electroproduction of the J/ψ Particle”
  • Andrew Leister, BS-PHYS (Honors), Advisor: Professor Nelson, "Construction and Calibration of MTest Detector"
  • Sara Mohon, BS-PHYS (Honors), Advisor: Professor Averett, "3He Density Measurements Using Atomic Pressure Broadening"
  • Robert Polackwich, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Erlich, “Using TypeIa Supernovae and CMB Observations to Constrain Cosmological Parameters”
  • Andrew Schmadel, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Professor Kelley, "Power Spectral Analysis of Niobium Surfaces"
  • Scott Watson, BS-PHYS,Advisor: Professor Hinders, "Robotic Multi-Senor Fusion"
  • Justin Winkler, BS-PHYS (Honors), Advisor: Professor Aubin, "Agile Radio Frequency Source for Hyperfine Manipulation of Ultracold Atoms"
Class of 2008
  • Edward W. Baumann, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Todd Averett, "Lecture Hall Acoustics at the College of William and Mary"
  • Nathan T. Belcher, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova, "Development of a Prototype Atomic Clock Based on Coherent Population Trapping"  
  • Jori S. Byrne-Diakun, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Mark Hinders, "Conversion of Analog to Digital Forms for 19th and 20th Century Recordings"
  • Mark W. Cohee, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Mark  Hinders, "A Gage for Measuring Pedal Forces on a Stationary Bicycle"
  • Tanner J. Crowder, BS-PHYS/MATH (Honors), Advisor: Robert Welsh, "Fluorescent/Luminescent Imaging in Mice"
  • Brian J. DeSalvo, (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Seth Aubin, "Mode-Locked Diode Laser for Precision Optical Frequency Measurements"
  • Amanda L. Goehring, BS-PHYS/GBST, Advisor: William Kossler, "Fitting High Tc Superconductor Data to Theories of Vortex Pinning"
  • William R. Hackeman, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Todd Averett, "Calibration of Radiation Monitors"
  • Piers A. Horvath, BS-PHYS/HIST, Advisor: Marc Sher, "Perturbation Theory for the Δ (1232)"
  • Ian J. Howley, BS-PHYS/MUSC, Advisor: Jeffrey Nelson, "Minerva Detector Package and Test Beam Prototyping"
  • Corey A. Miller, BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Mark Hinders, "Intelligent Structural Health Monitoring with Guided Ultrasonic Waves"
  • Lukas D. Osborne, (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Joshua Erlich, "Using Type Ia Supernovae and Galaxy Clusters to Constrain Cosmology"
  • Alvin B. Potter, BS-PHYS/INRL, Advisor: Robert Vold, "Statistical Analysis of Extra-solar Planetary Systems"
  • Ashwin Rastogi, (Honors), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Christopher Carone, "A G2 Electroweak Model"
  • Kevin C. Sapp, (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Carl Carlson, "Operator-Based Noncommutative Space"
  • Christopher R. Silkworth, (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor:  Kostantinos Orginos, "Large-N Phase Transitions on the Lattice"
  • James J. Street, BS-PHYS/BBA-FIN, Advisor: Rosa A. Lukaszew, "Thin Film Deposition using Sputtering"
  • Jonathan T. Sutton, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Robert Welsh, "The Development of a Novel Lanthanum Bromide Scintillation Detector for SPECT Imaging"
  • Chris von Hohenleiten, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Jan Chaloupka, "Detection and Analysis of Laser Beam Pointing Stability under Environmental Stresses"
  • Amir K. Yazdi, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Robert Welsh, "Improvements for the Imaging of Small Animals"
Class of 2007
  • Matthew Aviles, Advisor: Dr. Cooke, "The Detection of Biomolecules using TOF-SIMS"
  • Michael Bagge-Hansen, Advisor: Dr. Outlaw, "Field emission modification of Carbon nanosheet by Molybdenum Carbide thin film formation"
  • Keith Bechtol, Advisor: Dr. Erlich, "Constraining Photon-Axion Oscillation Model with Supernovae Data"
  • Paul Black, Advisor: Dr. Averett, "Density Measurements of He3 Cells"
  • Justin Deighan, Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Imaging and Control of Laser Filmutation in Air"
  • Danielle Dumond, Advisor: Dr. Hinders, "Mobile Robot Sensor Fusion"
  • Ryan Ford, Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Fourier optics and phase modulation of a laser beam"
  • Christopher Hendricks, Advisor" Dr. Kossler, "Comparison between Radiation Damage Calculated with NASA-LARC'S HZETRN and with GEANT4"
  • Kendra Letchworth, Advisor: Dr. Benner, "Optimization of the speed-dependent line-shape calculation"
  • Andrew McGowan, Advisor: Dr. Erlich, "
  • Alison Pouch, Advisor: Dr. Hinders, "Ultrasonic Classification of Emboli"
  • Thomas Ruscher, Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Development of a High-Speed Photographic Imaging System"
  • Kelly Sassin, Advisor: Dr. Nelson, "Assembly Prototyping of the Minerva Scintillator Planes"
  • Abigail Shockley, Advisor: Dr. Kossler, "Vortex Pinning in High-Tc superconductors"
  • Jessica Vance, Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Revamping 101 Labs"
  • Patrick Vora, Advisor: Dr. Sher, "4th Generation of Quarks and leptons"
  • Brian Walsh, Advisor: Dr. Armstrong, "Qweak"
  • Nicholas Walsh, Advisor: Dr. Griffioen, "Transversity in Pion-Pair Production"
  • Brian Wolthuis, Advisor: Dr. Nelson, Development of Scintillator Counters for the MINERvA Neutrino Detector"
  • Melissa Zoller, Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Revamping 101 Labs"
Class of 2006
  • Jonathan Henry Boyle
  • Christopher Aaron Brittin
  • Daniel Joseph Burke
  • Daniel Scott Damiani, The Society of the Alumni Student Undergraduate Research Award in Physics
  • Peter John De Castro
  • Bradley Michael DeBlois
  • Nathaniel Joseph Elberfeld
  • Joshua David Evans
  • Graham Kurt Giovanetti
  • Daniel Richard Goethel
  • Amelia Seleste Greer
  • Anne Josephine Guzzi
  • Lloyd William Jones
  • Craig Normand Labbe
  • Emily M. Nugent
  • Christopher Andrew O'Neill
  • David Emile Vatcher Rose, E. Gary Clark Memorial Scholarship
  • Meghan Colleen Snyder
  • Brian Christopher Spencer, E. Gary Clark Memorial Scholarship, The Don Edward Harrison, Jr. Award for Excellence in Physics
  • David Buchanan Wolcott
  • Nathan Thomas Abraham, December 06
  • Brett Norris Appleton, December 06
  • Evan John Molinelli, December 06
Class of 2005
  • Laurel Averett
  • Rebekah Blount
  • Erin Buckley
  • Jeremy Chen
  • Raymond Dickes, III
  • Gregory diComo
  • John DuChateau
  • William Hammond
  • Michael Herbst
  • Adam Holman
  • Jeremy McLean
  • Vien Nguyen
  • Aivela Rayfield
  • Dillon Roach
  • John Sakon
  • Lena Sherbakov
  • Kelly Sullivan
  • William Tarantino
  • Dimitar Vlassarev
Class of 2004
  • Julia Cella
  • Lindsay Chipman
  • Peter Dolph
  • Drew Donnolly
  • Erin Epperson
  • Jason Faulkenberry
  • Paul Hansen
  • Ellen Keister
  • Lauren Larkin
  • Kristie Loncich
  • John Mallory
  • Rob McFadyen
  • Jack Simonson
  • Aimee Slaughter
  • Ian Terrell
  • Frank Wells
  • Kyle Wisian
  • Andrew York
  • James Younkin
Class of 2003
  • Edith Bowers
  • Paul Brewer
  • Andrew Busch
  • Shawn England
  • Kirsten Fuoti
  • Scott Hertel
  • Mark Hibbard
  • Josh Hippert
  • Jason Hoffman
  • Andrew Hucke
  • Yuki Ishibashi
  • Brian Koch
  • Timothy Leftwich
  • Marc McGuigan
  • Matthew Schu
  • Kevin Smith
  • Frannie Swajkoski
  • Jessica Ucinski
Class of 2002
  • Cihan Akcay
  • Sarp Akcay
  • Stephanie Bailey
  • Daniel Bowring
  • Andrew Davis
  • Rachele Dominguez
  • Sam Dunn
  • Andrew Fraser
  • Hermonta Godwin
  • Tamara Hayford
  • Jenna Klotz
  • Andrew Lane
  • Matthew Larsen
  • Christopher Mayes
  • Patrick Meade
  • Daniel Milkie
  • Justin Miller
  • James Schafer
  • Haley Showman
Class of 2001
  • William Ashton III
  • Ken Baranowski
  • Kathy-Anne Brickman
  • James Buckingham, Jr.
  • Hugh Carney
  • David Drosdoff
  • John Feldmann
  • Evin Grano
  • Leah Johnson
  • Greg Jones
  • Kevin Knott
  • Eric Koskinen
  • Will McBride
  • Jon Mellor
  • Luke Ng
  • Pham Truong
  • Amoreena Ranck
  • Keely Schneiter
  • Travis Turner
  • Joshua Waterfall
  • Nicholas West
class of 2000Class of 2000
  • Mandy Brown
  • Lara Bryan
  • Karen Burke
  • John Cleveland
  • Adam Cohen
  • Heather Faltin
  • Christopher Fetsch
  • Adam Gurson
  • Matthew Inman
  • Lisa Kaufman
  • Jennifer Knowles
  • Dave Leichtman
  • Randy Mulvaney
  • Christopher Neilson
  • Patrick Ryan
  • Rob Saunders
  • Aaron Suplizio
  • Ian Swanson
  • Charles Tahan
  • Brian Tighe
  • Ruth Van de Water
  • Theodore Vecchione
  • Michelle Venanzi
  • Linton Wells III
  • Jennifer Wilkes
Class of 1999
  • Chandler Amiss
  • Mark G. Finlan
  • Abigail Flower
  • Tesla Jeltema
  • Michael L. Johnson
  • Paul Larsen
  • Kevin R. Leonard
  • Christopher Neilson
  • Daniel Reid
  • Anthony Richardella
  • Olivia Ryu
  • Stephen Simons
  • Sandy Sligh
  • Wendy Vogan
  • TJ Walls
Class of 1998
  • Fritz Allhoff
  • Robert Bergman
  • Ryan J. Bubb
  • Tiffany Churukian
  • Alex Dubanowitz
  • Molly Gale
  • Anthony Holincheck
  • Miles Johnston
  • Alex Jones
  • Mark Klingman
  • Bonwoo Lee
  • Yuriko Lippincott
  • Arun Mangalam
  • Bao Nguyen
  • Ryan Perroy
  • Mark Porter
  • Patrick Roberts
  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Maura Williams
Class of 1997
  • Jeremy Beker
  • Nancy Bent
  • Mark Bowen
  • Lisa DeJong
  • Tarek El-Sawy
  • Rose Hickman
  • Todd LaFiura
  • Pablo Londero
  • Matthew Mizenko
  • Robin Myers
  • Thomas O'Connor
  • Seth Olsen
  • Kevin Rehak
  • Anne Steinbach
  • Scott Swain
  • Scott Sweeney
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Jin Yamamoto