The Jerry Miller Award

An Annual Essay Competition

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Richardson, the United Virginia Bank, and members of the family of Gerald G. Miller have established an endowment in memory of Jerry Miller, the income from which is used to provide an annual award. This award, of approximately $1,000, is made to a senior philosophy major who, in the judgment of the faculty of the Department of Philosophy, presents the best essay in an annual competition.

The competition is open to all senior majors. Instructors may nominate candidates, but students may also enter without such nomination. Students may submit papers written for courses, chapters from honors theses, or essays written specifically for the contest.

Submissions are due by April 15 each year, and should be submitted in paper form directly to the departmental office. Essays must be submitted in duplicate, and authorship must be indicated only on a separate cover page.

The essays are judged by a committee composed of two members of the department's faculty. The committee's recommendation for the winner of the award is submitted to the entire department for approval. The department may choose not to award the prize in a given year, or choose to divide the prize between two students.

Recent Receiptants:

Long Jonathan Vinh - 2009

Daniel C. Homer - 2010

Devin Curry - 2011

Adam Lerner & Dustin Crummett - 2012

Justin Burnam, Grace Mendenhall & Zachard McCarty - 2013

Not Awarded - 2014