Semester-in-Residence students register for a full academic load of 4 three and four credit courses at the College of William and Mary.

Required Courses:  There are two required courses. The first course  focuses on Williamsburg in the colonial era and includes study in the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg. The second required course takes students to numerous historic sites and museums beyond Williamsburg throughout the Chesapeake region of eastern Virginia.

 Elective courses:  The other two courses are electives. Of particular interest to Semester-in-Residence students are special elective courses sponsored by NIAHD in the areas of History, Anthropology, American Studies, and Music. These courses include not only early American History, but also Architectural History, Historical Archaeology, Decorative Arts, and Music History. Semester-in-Residence students have the option to choose an independent study course as one elective class. Students can work with a faculty member to design and write a substantial research paper. Students may also select non-NIAHD courses from any of the regularly scheduled courses at the College, most of which are open to them on a space-available basis and subject to normal prerequisites and scheduling concerns.

Museum Internship:  One elective course of particular interest to Semester-in-Residence students is the museum internship at Colonial Williamsburg or another local museum. The museum internship is offered in  both  Fall and Spriong semesters.