Pre-Collegiate Program Fact Sheet

Course Strengths: college credits, field trips to historic places and museums, strengthening of reading, writing and analytical skills, intellectual stimulation, guest speakers, music and dance, archaeology digs 

Program Strengths: sharing a passion for History, experiencing college life in a dorm, experiencing guidance from a large staff of instructors and resident assistants, creating life-long friendships, learning about William & Mary, and gaining admissions information

Enrollment Numbers: More than 1,600 students have attended the Pre-Collegiate Program.

List of Colleges and Universities which Pre-Collegiate Alumni Have Attended:

Students who have successfully completed NIAHD's Pre-Collegiate Program have gone on to attend distinguished colleges and universities across the country and abroad.  Click here to see a complete list of all the institutions of higher education that our alumni have attended.

Parents' Comments about the Program:

"I remain in awe of the program that you have put together at William and Mary. The intellectual maturation I witnessed while my daughter was under your tutelage continues to astound me."

"I want to thank you for putting together such an incredible program. It was well done on every level. My son has learned so much about VA history...."

"I wanted to praise the William and Mary summer program in early American History. It has been such a phenomenal development for my daughter that there is no way I can praise it enough.... My daughter now considers it one of the most significant  experiences of her life."

"Your program has given our sixteen year old daughter the intellectual stimulation and curiosity she has been craving. There are a hundred light bulbs going off in her head. All at the same time. You and your staff have made an impact in someone's life."

Students' Comments about the Program:

"I had an incredible experience while I was there which was contributed to by the field trips, readings, discussions, and dorm life."

"This experience has become the most memorable in my life."

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful program; you have taken the fear of college away and replaced it with a yearning to discover."

"Since the moment I arrived on campus, I felt welcome and important, and I knew that the Pre-Collegiate Program would be a life changing experience."

"It was an unforgettable experience, enhanced by great counselors and professors, and the opportunity to meet and make new friends from across the nation. I learned so much from our site visits, and had fun while doing so--the ultimate way to learn!"

Please take time to enjoy and review the Pre-Collegiate Program Fact Sheet (pdf).