Program Details

Where can you go to find the past? Whose past is it anyway?

If you are at least a sophomore in high school, you have an opportunity this summer to travel back in time to discover early America in a unique hands-on way.

For three weeks this summer, students from all sections of the country will pursue the intertwined, often tempestuous stories of Native Americans, Europeans, Africans, and their descendants by visiting the places where they lived, observing the things they touched, and immersing themselves in the saga of early American life as told by historians, archaeologists, and museum professionals. Sound intriguing? Come join us!


A taste of college life...

Participants in the W&M Pre-College Program are enrolled as non-degree seeking students at the College of William & Mary.  They earn 4 academic credits taking one of two history courses: HIST 217 or HIST 218. They live together in an air-conditioned dormitory on the College of William and Mary campus and take their meals in campus dining facilities. Tuition, dorm room, and meals are all covered in the cost of the program.

Only Pre-College Program participants reside in the dorm, which is supervised at all times by Resident Program Assistants (RPAs).  These RPA's are undergraduate and graduate students who serve as "super-RA's", guiding students through the rigors of the program and college living.  

Last summer Pre-College Program students...
  • made daily trips to historic places, museums, archaeology sites, and battlefields
  • read and discussed scholarly essays in small seminars
  • heard guest lectures by historians, archaeologists, and museum professionals
  • participated in discussions with costumed interpreters portraying historical characters
  • learned to dance in the colonial style
  • wrote essays in on-line journals that analyzed their readings, classes, and experiences
  • came away with a deeper understanding of the American past
  • had lots of fun!
  • made new friends who shared their passion for history and learning
  • experienced a taste of living on a college campus
  • developed skills and confidence