The Courses: History 217 and 218

Students earn 4 college credits by taking one of two fast-paced, in-depth classes.  The academic program for each class includes reading assignments, daily field trips to historic sites and/or museums, discussion seminars, analytical essays, guest speakers, evening programs, and optional weekend archaeological pracitcums.

History 217: Jamestown Through the American Revolution begins at Jamestown where English colonists first contended with Virginia's Indians and Africans for power as they struggled to survive and find a marketable commodity.  Next, the course analyzes the development of colonial politics, society, and culture with a focus on Virginia, the largest of Great Britain's North American colonies.  This class concludes with an examination of the reasons that residents of thirteen colonies decided to declare independence from England in 1776 and the 1781 victory of the OCntinental Army at Yorktown.

History 218: The American Revolution Through the Civil War begins at Yorktown where the COntinental Army defeated the British forces and secured the new nations' independence.  Next, the course focuses on the role of prominent Virginians as the country's leaders worked to establish and implement a national government.  The course continues into the Antebellum Era with a focus on regional tensions and conflicts that preceded the Civil War.  The class concludes with an examination of the compliexitieis of the causes of the Civil War and visits to several Civil War battlefields and sites in and around Richmond.