Program Details

The program will operate Monday through Friday for three weeks, May 30 through June 17, 2011. Much of the course will focus upon one of the key places where the American Revolution began: Williamsburg, the capital of eighteenth-century Virginia. There will also be trips to Yorktown, where the British mainland colonies secured their independence; to eighteenth-century plantations near Williamsburg; and to other important historic sites associated with the Revolution.

Beyond the field trips, students will participate in daily seminar discussions and undertake daily writing assignments in which they will bring together their thoughts about the places they visit and about the readings. There will also be special evening programs at Colonial Williamsburg.  Students will receive four hours of academic credit for History 216: "The Era of the American Revolution." The instructors for the Collegiate Summer Program are Dr. Julie Richter and Dr. Jim Whittenburg of the Lyon G. Tyler Department of History, College of William & Mary.