At-Large Courses

Beyond the core courses, field schools, and internships, students must take at least four additional courses that relate in some way to early America, material culture, or museums. Many of these courses will be cross-listed between two or more departments. There is no specific list of approved courses. Collegiate Program students may select from any courses offered in any department that bear on early America, material culture, or museums.  The Director of the Collegiate Program can confirm whether a particular course meets the requirement.


The NIAHD sponsors several special courses in History, Anthropology, American Studies, and Music that are especially applicable as electives. These courses include not only early American History per se, but Architectural History, Historical Archaeology, Material Culture, and Music History.

Some seats in all of these courses will be reserved for Collegiate Program students.

The mix of sponsored courses varies from semester to semester. Although not all courses will be offered in any given semester,  the NIAHD currently sponsors these courses:

American Vernacular Architectural History

Archaeology of Colonial Williamsburg and the Tidewater

Architectural History Field School

Colonial Virginia

Early American Music

Era of Jamestown

Fall NIAHD Core Course on Public History

Field School in Public History (Internship)

Field School in Material Culture

Foodways and the Archaeological Record

From the Founding of Jamestown through the American Revolution

From the American Revolution through the Civil War

Jamestown Rediscovered

Race, Class and Gender in Colonial Virginia

The World of Thomas Jefferson

Williamsburg, Colonial and Revolutionary