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Meet Dr. Matthew Hilimire

"I think everybody has a general interest in human behavior because we're humans..." - Dr. Matthew Hilimire.

{{youtube:small:left|bDqq7YtiCjg, Listen to Dr. Matthew Hilimire as he discusses his reserach interests and plans as a new faculty member at The College of William and Mary.}} Dr. Matthew Hilimire has joined the psychology department as an assistant professor.  With a Ph.D. in Cognition and Brain Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Hilimire is looking forward to teaching students about psychology and "hopefully" statistics. 

However, Hilimire wasn't always interested in psychology.

"Originally, I was kind of interested in mathematics...but I took a few psychology classes as an undergraduate and I found it really fascinating," said Hilimire.

Hilimire's research interests include: cognitive neuroscience, affective neuroscience, aspects of sensation and perception, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology and psychopathology.

"Alot of my research deals with visual selective attention.  For example, how we pay attention to some objects in the environment, like your coffee cup on a cluttered desk and ignore other things like a stapler," said Hilimire.

With Hilimire "tapping into a fundmamental interest that we all have", it led him to the College of William and Mary where he hopes to become a tenured professor.

Hilimire's Message to the Students:

"I'm looking forward to working with you.  I would hope that if you are excited about cognitive neuroscience research; stop by and see me.  Hopefully we can start a collaboration and I can give some training in the techniques I know like EEG.  Then maybe you can give me some new ideas that we can work on together."

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