Neuroscience Reception Celebrates the Class of 2013

Christopher Wren's BrainThe Neuroscience Program held its annual reception for Neuroscience majors on Saturday, May 11, 2013. Due to the weather forecast, the reception was held in the Andrews Hall foyer. A total of 74 graduates were celebrated at this event. The Program’s Director, Josh Burk, announced that approximately 60% of Neuroscience majors were going directly to Medical School or planned to attend Medical School in the near future. Neuroscience majors will be going to Medical School programs that include Duke University, Wake Forest University, University of Kentucky, University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Eastern Virginia Medical School. Approximately 10% of majors will be going to Ph.D. programs, including at Stanford University and the University of Toledo. Neuroscience majors will also be going into a variety of other fields, including Law School and Public Health.

Excellence in Neuroscience awards were also given at the reception. These awards are given to students who engaged in their Neuroscience education through research, mentoring, or other activities, have an excellent academic record and who exhibit enthusiasm, dedication, independence, leadership and other qualities indicating that he or she is likely to be a good ambassador for both scholarship and the field of neuroscience. The awards went to Oliver Phillips (Behavioral/Cognitive), Kiah Hardcastle (Cell/Systems) and Lindsay Schleifer (Cell/Systems). The reception concluded with each graduate receiving a neuron pin and a graduate class picture along the stairwell with President Taylor Reveley.