William  Buchser

Visiting Asst. Prof. of Biology

Office: Integrated Science Center 2135
Phone: 757 221 1994
Email: [[wjbuchser]]
Website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/wjbuchser}}

Areas of Specialization

Neurosciences: cellular and molecular investigations of axonal degeneration and regeneration, with a focus on sensory systems (Glaucoma, hearing loss). Cancer biology: heterotypic interactions between tumor and stroma, and tumor and the immune system. Inflammation and autophagy in stressed tissues and bioinformatics approaches on these complex systems.

Previous Positions

Postdoctoral Fellow: University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (2009-2012)
Postdoctoral Fellow: Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine (2012-2013)


University of Miami, Ph.D. in Neuroscience. (2009)

Damaged/stressed cells interact with their surroundings, leading to successful regeneration / adaption or inappropriate inflammation and long term dysfunction