Private Lessons

Policies and Fees

Instruction is given on the basis of a academic hour private lesson once a week, for one credit per semester, with the expectation of one hour of daily practice. Advanced students are encouraged to take an academic hour private lesson once a week, for two credits per semester, with the expectation of two hours of daily practice. Each course may be repeated for credit. Suggested repertory sheets are available for each field and level. No GER 6 exemptions are given for private music lessons. Additional information may be obtained in the office of the Director of Applied Music, Ewell Hall, room #268. 

How to Register for Lessons

NOTE: If you are a first-time W&M private music student: Please fill out one of the white Applied Music Information Forms located in the wall display across from Ewell 268.  Leave the completed form in the mail box on the door of 268. 

1. Go on Banner or the Dynamic Schedule to see who teaches your instrument/voice.  If you wish, you may look up profiles on the faculty directory.  If you require special advice or need assistance in choosing your teacher, please contact the Director of Applied Music, Judy Zwerdling Zwelling, at [[jlzwel]] or 221-1073.

2. *If instructor permission is NOT required, register on Banner for level 10. (Please note: all first-time students must register at this level for their first semester of lessons.  Repertoire for this semester will be assigned based on your ability).

3. *If instructor permission IS required (for example, all piano faculty require instructor permission), email the instructor (s) and ask if he/she will save you a space.  Include your student ID number, and a sentence or two about your background (if any) in your chosen instrument or voice.  The instructor will email back to tell you if he/she will have a space, and can give you an override so that you can register on Banner.

4. Once you are registered, the Bursar’s Office will email you to say your bill can be viewed online.  Fees ($400 per credit hour) can be paid by mail or at the Bursar's office in Blow Hall. This fee is non-refundable after the end of the drop period.  If you drop before the end of the drop period, you will be charged a pro-rated fee, equal to 1/12 of the Applied Music fee, for each lesson you receive from an Applied Faculty instructor prior to dropping an Applied Music course.

5. When you return to school before the start of the semester, go immediately to your teacher's studio, and follow the directions posted on his or her door to sign up for your lesson time. Teachers' studios are listed on the Applied Music Bulletin Board in the second floor hallway of Ewell Hall. It is your responsibility to contact your teacher to schedule your lesson time.

Enjoy your lessons!

Check with the Director of Applied Music, Judy Zwerdling Zwelling, for other questions or information about applied music lessons: [[jlzwel]] or 221-1073.