For Our Monroe Parents

The mission of the James Monroe Scholar Program is to foster an intellectual community of friends who are excited by ideas and  who share a love of learning. Yet the program is far from being a "one size fits all" experience. Scholars come from all over the United States and the world, and they major in everything from Art History and English to Biology and Physics.  Scholars are provided with a series of opportunities that may be adapted to the individual student's evolving interests and career plans.  For example, each Monroe Scholar is guaranteed a $3,000 summer scholarship for a research project of his or her own design to be conducted after the sophomore or junior year, and Scholars may also receive funding for projects conducted in the summer after their freshman year.  This research is often in the area of the student's major, or intended major, but this is not a requirement. Many students do projects that allow them to explore other interests, outside of their major disciplines, which they may otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue in depth.

For more information about the Monroe Scholars Program, please browse the web site of the Roy R. Charles Center, which is the administrative home of the Monroe Scholar Program.  There you will find examples of Monroe Scholar Summer Projects and Monroe Speaker Series topics.  You also will find information about our advising program for Monroe Scholars who are applying for postgraduate funding, including national scholarships such as Rhodes, Marshall, and Fulbright.


We encourage you to complete the brief Monroe Parent Form to stay up-to-date on Monroe Program happenings.