An interview with Taylor Charest

Name: Taylor CharestTaylor Charest
Hometown: Sudbury, Massachusetts
William & Mary activivities: I am on the Bone Marrow Drive Exec team, where I work on Community Outreach, as well as involved in several service trips this year, such as Global Village Project. I work at the Charles Center and am a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority.
Future goals: I hope to go to medical school after W&M and perhaps work abroad for a bit.

Why did you choose William & Mary?

I chose to come to W&M because when I came to campus in April of my senior year, I was struck by how welcoming everyone here is. Everyone I met was so down to earth and enthusiastic about all of their engagements on campus.

What's an example of a scholarly project that you've been involved in?

Last summer I did a Freshman Monroe Project. I chose to focus on health care, in particular free clinics, after a spring break trip I took through Branch Out National. I spent the summer talking to health centers on Cape Cod to determine the major barriers to health care that exist for the large, minimum wage workforce there.

What programs have enriched your experience as a Monroe Scholar?

The funding that the Charles Center provides Monroe Scholars to do research in the summer, as well as all the resources they can connect you to (housing, etc), has been amazing. Also, the Monroe lunches that are held weekly have introduced me to so many phenomenal professors at this school that I may not have had the chance to meet and talk to without this forum.

What makes being a Monroe Scholar special?

I feel that I am getting the most out of my college experience thanks to so many of the programs that the Monroe Program offers.

How has the Monroe Scholar program enhanced your William & Mary experience?

It has brought me into contact with so many amazing people - professors and other students - that I may not have met on my own. These people have helped me broaden my interests and get involved in so many aspects of campus.