An interview with Katie Clough

Name: Katie Clough Katie Clough

Hometown: Lansdale, PA
William & Mary activities: Tribe Guides, Tribe Ambassadors, Golden Key International Honour Society president, Alpha Lamda Delta/Phi Eta Sigma co-president, Tribe College Outreach president, Alpha Chi Omega VP of Fraternity Relations
Future goals: I would like to eventually go to graduate school and get both a law degree and a Master's degree in International Relations, then go to work for either the U.S. government in the security sector or a private international law firm. Before going back to school, however, I want to take a few years off to work in a law firm or for the government to make sure that's what I want to do.

Why did you choose William & Mary?

It sounds cliche, but when I walked onto the William and Mary campus it felt like a place where I could belong rather than just exist. I always tell prospective students on my tours that William and Mary felt like a place where I could "live" college rather than "play" college.

What's an example of a scholarly project that you've been involved in?

I am currently working on my honors thesis in International Relations on how the United States used soft power in Latin America during the Cold War. This is an extension of the Monroe project I worked on this past summer.

What programs have enriched your experience as a Monroe Scholar?

I received research funding to do an uppeclass project, which I completed this past summer. I studied soft power, especially defining areas that had been studied extensively and those that had been understudied. I then extended this project into my honors thesis, which I am working on this year.

What makes being a Monroe Scholar special?

Monroe Scholars have a passion and drive for learning and discovery that exceeds even that of other William and Mary students, which is high praise indeed. They are curious about the world and love to ask questions. More importantly, they want to find the answers themselves rather than looking the answer up somewhere. They are committed to their education as well as the education of their peers and the advancement of academia as a whole.

How has the Monroe Scholar program enhanced your William & Mary experience?

Being a Monroe Scholar has given me the opportunity to conduct original research, which I never thought I'd be able to do. I knew that William and Mary had many opportunities for students to work with professors and each other, but I was afraid I didn't have what it takes to take advantage of these opportunities. When I was accepted into the program and began planning my research, I realized that not only did I have the skills and attitude necessary to complete and independent research project, I wanted to continue looking for research opportunities in the future! This led me to my honors thesis. I am grateful to the Monroe Scholars program for allowing me to discover my own research strengths and for inspiring me to continue to learn and discover in this way.