Freshman Monroe Project FAQs

What is the level of advisor involvement in the project?
The role of the advisor is to work closely with you on writing your proposal; there is no obligation that they supervise your work over the summer. However, different advisors might want to be more involved - for example, if you are continuing your work in a lab, the advisor will likely be very involved. It would be GREAT if your project advisor would read and comment on your blog posts!

The application asks my advisor to submit a letter.  What goes into that?
This letter does not have to be long. It should confirm that the advisor has worked with you on the proposal and endorses your research. If the advisor knows you / your work from a course, s/he may comment on that as it relates to the proposed project.

Is it okay if my research lasts more than two weeks?
Many freshman Monroe projects end up exceeding the two-week timeframe. However, your proposal should be written for a two-week project.

Is there summer housing available on campus?
One session of summer research housing is available to freshman Monroes planning to work on campus. In 2016, the dates of the summer sessions are May 30 - July 1 and July 5 - Friday August 5. If a student is being funded to work longer than one summer session (in a lab, etc.,), the department they're working in must include them on the department's Summer Research Housing list.

I am already working in a lab / social science research group and would like to continue that research this summer.  Is that okay?
Yes.  Be sure to indicate that in your proposal and explain how the research you're proposing to do during your Monroe-funded two weeks contributes to the overall goal of the lab or research group. And make sure you're on your department's housing list for the other summer session.

The professor teaching the course I want to build my project on is not able to serve as my advisor.  What should I do?
The professor teaching the course you're building your project on is not required to serve as your advisor. It's a good idea to ask her / him for recommendations of other faculty who are knowledgeable about the topic and whocould serve as your project advisor. You can also email your project idea to [[lmgrim, Lisa]] and ask for recommendations.

I'm not sure if my proposal needs to go through the Student IRB.
First, talk with your advisor. If the proposal does need to go to Student IRB, s/he will be heavily involved in the process. If you're still unsure, talk to Lisa (office hours 2-4 Mondays and Tuesdays and by appointment).

If my proposal does need to go through the Student IRB, when should I submit it?
In any Charles Center application, including the Freshman Monroe proposal, the protocol must be submitted online (including certification of CITI training) by the application deadline. The protocol doesn't have to be approved by that time, just submitted.

I would like to talk over my project ideas. Who should I talk to?
Meet with a Peer Scholarship Advisor in Blow Hall 254 anytime from 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday, or email