Undergraduate Research

The Department of Modern Languages & Literatures is committed to supporting and fostering research at all levels of our program for faculty and students. We attract and support faculty members who are recognized for excellence in research; and we integrate research opportunities throughout our undergraduate program. A distinguishing feature of the Department is the opportunity for students to work closely with faculty on hands-on research projects.

The breadth of our faculty research areas provides a range of research opportunities for students. Many undergraduate students are introduced to a research area through directed readings, independent research, or our study-abroad research programs. With guidance from a faculty mentor, students often develop independent research projects that can serve as the basis for a departmental honors thesis.

Our faculty provide opportunities for students in our programs to work collaboratively, be it through a joint publication with a faculty member, subtitling international independent cinema, or compiling briefing books for the National Archives. Many of our students go on to publish independently, win competitive scholarships, and teach at home and abroad. The Department works to create a vibrant intellectual atmosphere, leading to new discoveries within our field.