Study Abroad

The College of William and Mary offers several study abroad programs that are operated through the Reves Center for International Studies. Many of these programs are directed by or affiliated with the Department of Modern Languages’ faculty members. Below, you will see a list of these programs. For more detailed information, such as applications, fees, dates, and details, please see the Reves Center’s Study Abroad web page.


 W&M Summer Program in Beijing, China

 During this 6-week program, students attend classes at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. They will earn 12 credit hours by taking courses in Chinese language, literature, and culture, with an option to study martial arts. The program also includes a study tour of rural and urban China. One year of college-level Mandarin is a prerequisite.

W&M Semester Program in Beijing, China

During this program, students take classes at Peking University’s Beijing Institute of Asian Studies. Courses will include everything from intensive Chinese language to classes on Chinese politics, economics, literature, arts, and culture. Students will earn at least 12 credits. Students will be housed on the Peking University campus in double-occupancy rooms. Also included in the program cost is a 15-day study tour of historical sites around China, as well as a 6-day mid-semester trip, and several additional weekend trips organized through Peking University. Sites may include the Great Wall, the Yungang Grottoes, Lhasa, Tibet, the Marco Polo Bridge, the Terracotta Soldiers of Xi’an, and several more sites across China!


W&M Summer Program in Montpellier, France

Beginning with a 3-day tour of Paris, this one-month program offers 8 credits worth of intensive French language and culture classes. Students will live with French host families in Montpellier, just a few miles from the Mediterranean. Weekend excursions to cultural and historic sites are included. Two years of college-level French is required.

W&M Exchange Program with L’Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Lille, France

This program is ideal for French majors or minors with an interest in the social sciences. Classes are offered in economics, international relations, French politics, sociology, and more. Foreign students will take 5 hours per week of French language courses. Student housing is generally in private apartments, and arrangements are made through IEP’s international office.


W&M Summer Program in Florence, Italy

Students will earn 8 credits during this intensive month-long program in Florence, home of Dante and Michelangelo. All students will take an Italian language course, a Renaissance Art History course, and a special topics seminar. They will live with Italian host families and participate in weekend excursions to Venice, Cinque Terre, and the Chianti region. No previous Italian required.


W&M Exchange Program at Kanazawa University in Japan

The tuition exchange agreement between the College of William and Mary and Kanazawa University allows W&M students to pay their regular tuition to William and Mary while taking classes at Kanazawa. A national university of Japan, Kanazawa is composed of eight main faculties and a College of Liberal Arts. Overlooking the Sea of Japan, the city of Kanazawa is renowned for its scenic beauty, its rich traditional and modern culture, and its cordial hospitality. It is nicknamed the mori no miyako (grove capital) because it retains the beauty, as well as the cultural traditions, of an ancient capital.

W&M Exchange Program at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan

The tuition exchange agreement between the College of William and Mary and Keio University allows students to pay their regular tuition to William and Mary while taking classes at Keio in Tokyo, Japan. Keio University is Japan’s oldest institution of higher education and is founded on the principle of academic excellence. Students enroll in the Japanese Language program at the Center for Japanese Studies. There are four levels (elementary to advanced) and students will be assigned to an appropriate level based on the results of a placement test. Students are housed in dormitories or in some cases, with homestays.

Akita International University Exchange

Akita International University is a four-year, liberal arts institution in Akita prefecture, Japan.  Founded in 2004, it has earned a national and international reputation for its hands-on instruction, globally-minded curriculum, and the scenic beauty of the main campus, located in the middle of an exquisite cedar forest -- an Akita speciality.  W&M students may apply to study at AIU for a semester or a full year.  The tuition exchange agreement between the College of William & Mary and Akita International University allows W&M students to pay their regular tuition to W&M while taking classes at Akita. The exchange program is best for VA in-state students.


W&M Summer Program in Cádiz, Spain

During this 5-week program, student will take classes with University of Cádiz professors including the study of language, cultural history, and contemporary Spanish music and film. Students will also complete a research project under the supervision of W&M's Resident Director. Students live with Spanish families in Cádiz and will explore the rich cultural heritage and dynamic popular traditions that characterize this seaside city. HISP 207 or its equivalent is a prerequisite for this program.

W&M Semester Program in La Plata, Argentina

Students will have a full immersion experience as they study side by side with Argentines in a public university and live with families in a home stay. Also, the Comisión Provincial por la Memoria in La Plata offers a dynamic internship opportunity related to its work in human rights education and recent political history of “the disappeared.” The Comisión provides students with course enrollment advising, an internship, a home stay, and extra-curricular excursions.

W&M Semester Program in Sevilla, Spain

During the 18-week program, students may earn 12-15 W&M credits in a variety of disciplines, including Spanish language and culture, the sciences, business, social sciences, and the humanities. The intensive Spanish-language immersion program is designed for Hispanic Studies majors and also those pursuing studies in other fields but with a strong interest in political, historical, and cultural issues related to Spain and the European Union. Qualified students with requisite language skills and commitment to service-learning may also apply for enrollment in the competitive Service Learning Seminar available exclusively to W&M students. Through the seminar and its community-based practicum, students will explore contemporary issues related to Seville’s changing social landscape through readings and discussions with the professor; topics may include immigration, minority populations, women and society, health care, and human rights. Seminar students work as volunteers throughout the semester in a local agency.


W&M Summer Program in St. Petersburg, Russia

This unique six-week summer program is designed to offer participants an opportunity to improve Russian language skills with 9 credits of Russian language and culture courses. The students are immersed in Russian culture as they live with Russian families and spend evenings filled with trips to the theatres, ballets, and operas, including the world-famous Mariinsky Theatre of Ballet and Opera. At least one semester of college-level Russian is required.