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Courses Offered

For a complete description of any of the courses below, please consult the Undergraduate Course Catalog.  You can also find Russian courses online through the Dynamic Schedule public access.  Search by term, and then by Russian. Current students can access course listings through Banner.

Courses in bold are those being offered in the Fall of 2014.  Click on those in green to see the course's syllabus (these syllabi are taken from years past and may not reflect the current content of the course).

Courses Offered in Russian:


Courses Offered in Translation:

    • Russian 150W: Russian Folk Tales (fall 2014)
    • LcSt 201: Introduction to Cultural Studies (The Vampire as The Cultural Icon)
    • Russian 250: Russian Myths and Legends
    • Russian 300: Russian Study Abroad
    • Russian 308: Topics in Russian Literature and Culture
    • Russian 308/Film 351: Visualizing St. Petersburg
    • Russian 308: Encountering the Other in Russian Literature and Film
    • Russian 309: Topics in Russian Cinema
    • Russian 309: Dracula
    • Russian 380: Russian Cinema: “The Most Important Art” 
    • Russian 387: Love, Adultery, and Prostitution in 19th Century Literature
    • Russian 388: Revolution, Crime, and Romance in 20th Century Russian Literature 
    • Russian 390: Russian Literature Since the Death of Stalin
    • Russian 392: Special Themes in Russian Literature and Culture
    • Russian 393: Special Themes in Russian Language and Culture
    • Russian 396: Chekhov
    • Russian 397: Dostoevsky
    • Russian 398: TolstoyRussian 402: Russian Poetry