Majors and Minors

There are a number of ways for students to pursue their academic interests in Japan.

Minor in Japanese Studies

Students can pursue a minor in Japanese Studies through the Japanese Program in Modern Languages. The minor can be combined with a variety of majors, such as International Relations, Global Studies, Finance, Anthropology, or Film & Media Studies, to bring additional focus to your academic resume.

The minor requires 18 semester credit hours beyond the 202 level (however JAPN 100 and JAPN 150 can count toward the minor).  Students can count one course outside of the program toward the total, provided it has significant Japan-related content (students should consult the course listing under AMES). Courses taken while participating in study-abroad programs can also count for up to 9 credits towards the minor, with program approval. Minors are encouraged to take AMES 250 or History 141 or 142. No course for the minor may be taken pass/fail.

Self-Designed Major

Students can design an interdisciplinary major in Japanese Studies through the Charles Center. Interested students should discuss this option with the Program Director.

Global Studies Major with AMES Concentration

Students can also choose an interdisciplinary Global Studies major with a concentration in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and an East Asian Studies track. This offers great flexibility to combine language study with coursework in a range of disciplines including the history, anthropology, art, literature, religions, and politics of Japan and its neighboring countries.