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Shumin Gong

Shumin "Yuffie" Gong F15 completed her studies in January and headed to Tokyo, where she takes up a job with Goldman Sachs. Yuffie spent the summer of her Junior year in Tokyo on a William & Mary internship with Canon (read about her experience here). She found her new job through the Japanese-English bilingual  Career Forum, held annually in Boston in November. 

David Ranzini '12 has been accepted to the bilingual Masters Program in Laws at Kyushu University, in Japan. David previously spent three years after graduation with the JET program, working in Akita (where he won his town's "Dialect Speech Contest"!). He also spent a summer in Akita on W&M's study-abroad program with Akita International University (2015).

Elizabeth Denny

Elizabeth Denny ‘14 is beginning a doctoral program in Japanese Studies at Harvard University, where she intends to continue the research she began with her Honors Thesis, "Songs of Love and Revolution: Performing Gender, Reforming Heterosexuality, and Escaping Domesticity in the Musicals of the Takarazuka Review." (2015)

Andrew Kim ‘15 is teaching English with the JET Program in Takamatsu, on the island of Shikoku. (2015)

Michael Le ‘15 is teaching English with the JET Program, also on Shikoku. (2015)

Isabel Bush ‘15 is also teaching English with the JET Program. (2015)

Jessica Wang ‘12 is beginning a master program in East Asian Studies at Columbia University. After graduating from W&M, Jessica taught English in Japan and studied Chinese in Taiwan. (2015)

Jeff DeMars

Jeff DeMars '11 currently works as Public Relations Coordinator for the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations in New York, where he manages communications with foreign and Japanese press, organizes cultural events, and provides information assistance to Mission diplomats and dignitaries. He  previously worked for the Center on Japanese Economy and Business at Columbia University and the Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C. (2015)

Chris Bubb '10 is a Specially Appointed Researcher at Osaka University, doing translation and editing work. Previously, Chris worked for Interac, teaching English in junior high and elementary schools. (2015)

Mike Crandol ‘09 recently completed his PhD in Japanese Studies at the University of Minnesota, and has returned to W&M to teach for one year in the Japanese Program. (2015)

Julian Oreska

Julian Oreska '09 works as a product developer for the toy company Bandai at their headquarters in Tokyo. Julian was a double Business and East Asian Studies major who also completed the Canon Corporation internship in summer 2009. (2015)

Jennie Davy '08 is the Burger Archives Specialist in Special Collections at Swem Library. Jennie spent a semester abroad at Keio University in Tokyo. She then completed a Master of Arts degree in History Museum Studies at the Cooperstown Graduate Program before returning to W&M. (2015)

Michael Berman '06 is a PhD candidate in Sociocultural Anthropology at UC San Diego.  He previously earned a master's degree in Social Sciences at the University of Chicago. He is currently in Japan conducting research for his dissertation. Palgrave has just published Michael's book-length translation of Yuki Masami's Foodscapes of Contemporary Japanese Women: An Ecocritical Journey around the Hearth of Modernity. (2015)

Peter Luebke '05 is pursuing a PhD in Southern History at the University of Virginia. An article that he co-authored with Professor Rachel DiNitto, “Maruo Suehiro’s ‘Planet of the Jap’: Revanchist Fantasy or War Critique?” appeared in the September 2011 volume of the Australian journal Japanese Studies. (2015)  

Sara Caudill '12 is teaching English in Korea after completing the Fulbright Teaching Assistantship program there. (2015)

Alumni Archive

Zachary Eller '12 is going to Japan to teach English with Interac. (2012)

Lauren Klaasse '11 is starting a graduate program in Public Policy at George Mason University. (2011)

Pam Kennedy '10 is working in bank examination with the Federal Reserve Bank out in Los Angeles. Her examination team will work with many Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese banks. (2011)

Nathan Revere '10 is pursuing a PhD in Anthropology at University of Wisconsin-Madison, focusing on language and culture in Japan. (2011)

Loretta Scott '10 is currently working in NYC in marketing/business development. She started a Youtube series called "The Difficulties of Japanese" in 2007, and was eventually contacted by YesJapan Corporation, which provides real-world and online courses for Japanese langauge learning. She's now contracted as a video producer, and creates youtube-style education videos for their website www.yesjapan.com ! (2011)

Megan Locke '10 has been working for the JET program in Japan. (2010)

Mark Johnson '09 is in Kochi, Japan teaching English in Junior High and Elementary schools through the Japanese Government JET program. (2012)