Semester Program in Seville, Spain

Students interested in Peninsular literature and culture are encouraged to spend a semester with W&M's Seville program. Seville is considered by many Spain's most beautiful city in the heart of Andalucía; it is the home of flamenco's musical traditions, Islamic history and architecture, and renowned local festivals, such as Semana Santa and the annual feria. Students attend classes at Universidad Pablo de Olavide. UPO, established in 1997, which is one of Spain's smallest (7,000 students) and most modern universities. Advanced Spanish students also have the option of enrolling in up to two courses from UPO's general curriculum and studying alongside local Spanish students. An innovative curricular feature is the Service-Learning Seminar and Internship. Qualified students with requisite language skills and commitment to service-learning may apply for enrollment in this competitive program available exclusively to W&M students. Through the seminar and its community-based practicum, students will explore contemporary issues related to Seville's changing social landscape through readings and discussions with the professor; topics may include immigration, minority populations, women and society, health care, and human rights. Seminar students work as volunteers throughout the semester in a local agency. For more information about the Seville program, please visit the Reves Center's website.