Scholarships for Research, Service, and Study Abroad Programs

One of the hallmarks of the Hispanic Studies Program at the College of William & Mary is the strong emphasis that faculty place on fomenting and supporting independent research, service, and international travel initiatives for our students. In order to facilitate students' access to these opportunities both at home and abroad, we publicize scholarships that are funded locally by the College, as well as others at the national level.

W&M Scholarships for Research & Service

W&M's Charles Center annually funds and administers a number of scholarships to support independent undergraduate research projects. A list of previous scholarship recipients and projects, application forms, and additional information are available through the Charles Center's webpage. A summary description of these scholarships that may be of especial interest to Hispanic Studies students is included below. Contact [[lmgrim,Lisa Grimes]], Associate Director of the Charles Center and Coordinator of National Scholarships and Undergraduate Research for additional information; the Charles Center is located in the basement of Tucker Hall.

Charles Center Summer Scholarships support international service or research projects ($2,500) and domestic research projects ($2,000). Includes as well a special category for funding, Christian-Ewell Scholarships for Research in Latin America (for Latin American Studies majors; separate application not necessary).    

The Charles Center administers the Student Research Grants program. The purpose of these grants is to assist students with expenses directly related to the conduct of research. Students may apply for up to $300 to cover the research costs such as travel to libraries, archives, laboratories, etc., in support of research, long distance telephone calls, photocopies, postage, payments to human subjects, and payments for animal subjects. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis from currently enrolled students. Applications from students conducting Honors research are especially encouraged. For an application and more information, visit the Community of Scholars Fund page on the Charles Center website.

Batten Scholarships for Pre-Honors Research for up to $2,000, supports preliminary research for a Senior Honors Thesis, conducted either in the U.S. or abroad, during the summer after junior year. Applicants must meet the Honors requirements for the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures (a GPA of either 3.0 on a cumulative basis by the end of the junior year or 3.0 for the junior year alone is required).  

Chappell Undergraduate Research Fellowships.  These $2,500 scholarships fund close collaboration with faculty engaged in summer research. Early in the spring semester, the Charles Center publishes a list of faculty interested in applying with students to the Chappell program as well as a brief description of their research project. Students then approach the faculty member with whom they are interested in applying, which may include faculty not on the list, but whose current research interests them. The faculty member and student complete the application for the summer research project together.

W&M Minor Research Grant Twice a year (in September and January), currently enrolled undergraduate students may apply for research funding supported by the College's Grants Office. The purpose of this program is to assist the investigator with expenses directly related to research at home or abroad.(i.e. travel, supplies, long distance telephone calls, photocopying, postage, etc.). The normal funding limit is $300. Application forms and further information are available through Internal Research Grants: Minor Research Grant.

Student Activities Conference Fund: The Conference Fund provides financial assistance to currently enrolled full-time undergraduate students to defray expenses related to student participation in conference activity, although it cannot provide full funding. The Conference Fund year runs from July 1st through June 30th, and is divided into four travel periods. For applications and further information, visit the Office of Student Activities.

The Office of Community Engagement and Scholarship  supports W&M summer service projects.

National Grants for Research and Study

National fellowships and grants of particular interest for our Hispanic Studies students are briefly listed below.

Fulbright Scholarships fund a year of study or research abroad. Fluency in the language of the host country is required. Graduating seniors and graduates may apply. For more information and application guidelines, contact [[lmgrim,Lisa Grimes]] of the Charles Center.

Hispanic Scholarship Funds were founded to help Hispanic-American college students complete their education. The scholarships are available on a competitive basis to students of Hispanic background. Deadline: October 15.

Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships offered by the Rotary Foundation to promote friendly relations between peoples of different nations. Scholarships are offered for study in any country where there is a Rotary Club, which presently exist in over 100 countries. Interested students should contact their local Rotary Club at home for more information. For a description of the Ambassadorial Scholarships and contact information go here.

W&M and National Scholarships for Study Abroad Programs

W&M's Reves Center for International Studies annually awards scholarships for currently enrolled W&M students towards supporting their participation in W&M faculty-led study abroad programs and College-supported direct enrollment programs. Students who are accepted into the Cadiz, Spain and San Jose, Costa Rica programs, are eligible to apply for funding. To apply for a study abroad scholarship from the Reves Center, submit a Study Abroad Scholarship Application to the Global Education Office (Reves) by October 15 for spring programs and February 15 for summer and fall. Awards are granted on the basis of need and merit. Numerous participants in the Cadiz program are ordinarily awarded Reves Center scholarships to support them abroad.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Program Scholarship: Reduces barriers to study abroad through providing assistance to those undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need. Sponsored by the US State Department, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affiars.  Applications must be endorsed by the Program Abroad advisor and a Financial Aid Officer.  

American Institute for Foreign Study International Scholarships: Restricted to students who will study on a AIFS program [includes University of Granada, University of Salamanca (Spain), University of Belgrano (Buenos Aires, Argentina), summer at University of Puerto Rico]. AIFS offers up to 150 annual semester scholarships of $1,000 each.

International Education of Students Scholarships: Restricted to students who will study on an IES program [includes study in Buenos Aires; Santiago, Chile; Barcelona, Madrid, or Salamanca, Spain], who may apply for merit-based scholarships in a variety of disciplines. 1 to 5 scholarships (between $500-$3,000 each) will be awarded in each of the following categories: Cross-Cultural & Comparative Studies; Excellence in Foreign Language; High Academic Merit; International Relations Scholarship; Leadership and Community Involvement; Minority Merit-based Scholarship. Deadline for Spring: Nov. 1; for Fall and Year programs: May 1. Please also see the International Relations scholarship .

Additional information for students seeking financial assistance for study abroad is available here.

Students are advised that if they plan to use their financial aid package from W&M towards their study abroad program (regular financial aid money is portable), they should consult with the Financial Aid Office well in advance of the time they plan to travel, in order to become informed about procedures, and restrictions that may apply. If you received a scholarship to attend W&M, check with a financial aid officer to see if those funds can be applied to study abroad.

W&M Awards of Academic Excellence for Hispanic Studies Majors

Each May during Modern Languages & Literatures' departmental graduation ceremonies, the Hispanic Studies faculty present awards for academic excellence to outstanding Hispanic Studies majors.

J. Worth Banner Award

This award is given to the rising senior Hispanic Studies concentrator with the highest overall grade point average. Professor Banner was a well-liked Spanish professor at the College of William and Mary, and a respected Chair of the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures for many years. In the past, this generous award has helped support the recipient's pre-honors research, international travel, or participation in study abroad programs. 

R. Merritt Cox Award

This award was established in memory of Professor R. Merritt Cox, a well-known 18th century scholar in Spanish Studies and a highly esteemed colleague in W&M's Department of Modern Languages & Literatures for many years. With this award, the faculty recognize a graduating Hispanic Studies major who exhibits those qualities admired and embodied by Professor Cox: a deep appreciation and broad interest in Hispanic cultures, literatures, and the Spanish language. The recipient is a student who has achieved an outstanding level of academic excellence in the field of Hispanic Studies, and who will pursue a graduate degree in the field of Hispanic Studies.  

Howard M. Fraser Award

This award recognizes the graduating Hispanic Studies major who has made significant achievements in the area of research and service related to the field of Hispanic Studies. This award was established in 1998 in memory of our colleague, Professor Howard Fraser, who for twenty-four years was a much-beloved professor of Portuguese and Spanish at the College. He was an active leader in the campus community who also served as Chair of our department for six years. Professor Fraser was a well-known scholar in the field of Latin American literature and culture.