W&M Summer Study Abroad Program in Potsdam, Germany, 2018


Neues Palais Uni Potsdam

In the summer of 2009, The College of William and Mary launched its very own summer study abroad program in conjunction with the Universität Potsdam in the historic city of Potsdam, located 20 miles southwest of Berlin, with frequent and fast access to Berlin with both R[egional]-Bahn and S-Bahn. An historic city and fulcrum of the German Enlightenment, the city of Potsdam now has its own cultural life quite apart from Berlin. The town center of approximately two square miles, including the famous Dutch-Quarter, has numerous restaurants, cafes, shops and galeries. The surrounding area is the site of the famous Sans Souci Palace, the summer residence of Frederick the Great, the river Havel, numerous lakes and the Neues Palais, now the campus of the Universität Potsdam. The Program typically has between 15 and 20 students.

The program is open to students who have completed GRMN 102 or the equivalent. There are essentially three tiers of study:

1) for those who have completed GRMN 102. These students will devote the morning hours to language study and take the course offered by the Program Director (GRMN 290) in the early afternoon;

2) for those who have completed 202. These students have advanced intermediate language study in the morning and take an advanced version of the course offered by the PD in the mid-afternoon (GRMN 390), with a separate meeting with the PD each instruction day.

3) for those who have completed 205 or 206.  Students who have completed 205/206 will either attend the 2nd tier language and pronunciation class in the morning, and do the more advanced afternoon course (390) offered by the Resident Director, or, for more advanced students, undertake an independent study (GRMN 411), one course at the Universität Potsdam (DaF or Introductory seminar/lecture), and a research project (GRMN 391: Independent Research Abroad).

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Tentative dates for the 2018 Potsdam Program are:

Arrival (Berlin, Tegel [TXL]): End of May 2018
Departure: July 8, 2018
Application deadline (75$): Feb 6, 2018

Application will be available November 1, 2017 online:

Global Education Office W&M Summer - Potsdam

Students live in private "homestays" during their time Potsdam to maximize their contact with spoken German and and to get a first-hand experience of German life.

Students will be able to earn up to 11 credits for the 6.5 week program with intensive language study, the cultural studies course offered by the PD, and options for study at the Universität Potsdam (DaF and regular German classes). A one-credit orientation course GRMN 204  in which students explore various cultural and historical aspects of Potsdam, Berlin, and Brandenburg is required for all participants during the Spring semester prior to the program.

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Questions and inquiries should be directed to Professor Jennifer Guelly (jmgully@wm.edu), Director of the 2018 Potsdam Summer Study Abroad Program.