William & Mary

Beth Galloway B.A. in Business Administration with emphasis in German, W&M, '06

Beth GallowayBeth graduated in May with a Bachelor's of Business Administration, majoring in Marketing with International Emphasis and German. In the spring of 2006, Beth presented her work on Art Spiegelman's MAUS at the European Studies Student-faculty Conference. Currently, she is pursuing my Master's of Business Administration at William and Mary and plan to graduate in May 2008. After the MBA program, Beth would like to go into brand management or public relations, ideally with a German company doing business in the eastern U.S. Beth writes: "Though I don't have any plans to live abroad, I have already found my German background and study abroad experience to be extremely helpful in my job and internship searches. I have found my ability to understand other cultures and willingness to learn languages make me a very marketable candidate for a wide variety of careers. In a business world that is shrinking by the day, the ability to understand languages and cultures other than our own is becoming increasingly important. I plan to continue studying German and hope to travel frequently."