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Name/Institution, Location


Academic Program

Resident Director & Length of Program



Academic Programs Abroad [API] (Grenoble),

Associated with Université Stendhal, Centre Universitaire d'Etudes Françaises


Intensive Language Studies

Language and Culture Studies

International Business and Business Studies




Yearlong (and quarter); Fall; Spring; Summer; Intensive Month

Dates and Fees for each Program

Host institution dorms & host family homes (Students with host families will be the only students staying with the  family)

Middlebury College, Paris, Bordeaux and Poitiers

(Bordeaux and Poitiers-students enroll directly in one of Middlebury's partner universities; Paris-enroll in up to two Middlebury courses at the School in France headquarters, the Centre Madeleine, and take the rest of their courses at one of the many host universities) 

Wide variety of programs.  Specific options vary according to location. 


Staff members on site.

Internships options

Fall, Spring, Academic Year 


Program Tution & Fees Plus board & other out of pocket expenses


Specific option vary according to program.

Rent room in a home or a host family; student residence or foyer; share apartment with French students.

Students are not permitted to live alone and no one is permitted to share house with other English speakers.


Vassar - Wesleyan Program, Paris

Typical Calendar

(in the fall semester, the program begins with a two-week intensive language session in Bordeaux and continues for a third week in Paris)

(in the spring semester, the program begins with a two-and-a-half-week orientation and intensive language session in Paris)



Three component program: 1) writing-intensive courses and tutorats; 2) French university courses; 3) and the seminars they organize at Reid Hall.

Students enroll in four courses.

-a writing-intensive course and a tutorat

-a French university course

-two courses may be taken at a French university or at Reid Hall 



Fall;  Spring; Academic Year


Tuition & Program  Fees 
(covers tuition, round-trip transportation on the group flight, housing, and a meal allowance in Bordeaux for the fall semester, room and partial board in Paris, and numerous social and cultural activities): 



Students are housed in home with French people

Occasionally two-bedroom apartments to share with a young French person are available.

If students are staying for the year, they are free to arrange their own housing arrangements for their second semester (with native French speakers)



(Education Abroad Program)


Regular university courses at the University of Bordeaux; a wide variety of disciplines and courses are available. All instruction is in French. 


Yes (UC faculty and local staff in Bordeaux help you integrate into the culture and provide assistance)

Fall; Spring; Year 


Estimated EAP Cost :
Fall $16,500; Spring $16,500; Year $33,000 This represents an estimate of UCEAP fees for the current year. Actual
amounts will vary due to potential changes to UC fees, exchange rate
fluctuation, etc.


Private homes; homestays;  apartments or studios ( with international, French, or UC students)


Skidmore College in Paris

Take courses at program center & at a variety of institutions for higher learning throughout Paris.

Students also may choose from courses offered at the Skidmore Center; 2 courses given at the Center are required of all students.
All courses are taught in French, with a few exceptions. 



Fall, Spring, Academic Year

(Internships available)

+Program Fee + extra for personal expenses  (recommended) $2,000-$3,000

Year= $45,724



Students are strongly encouraged to live with a host family (individual room with a family) 

Davidson in Tours

(Fall semester starts in Paris)

Literature, language, arts,   social sciences, and other options.


Fall; Spring;  Academic Year

Semester =


Academic year = $54,683
 (incl. airfare, excursions,  other expenses)

For the 2013-14 academic year

Family housing

Colby College

in Dijon

Language courses, art history, French lit.

Take 16 credit hours of courses including language courses, a history course, and one elective.

French language courses are required, and are offered on the main campus of the Université de Bourgogne by the Centre International d'Études Françaises.

Upper-level students can customize  programs. 



Only fall semester

internships available

Tuition & Fees: $59,110 (2013-14, incl. airfare, excursions)

Program Fees:

Books, meals during vacation periods, insurance, laundry expenses, and personal travel are not included in the fee.

A forfeitable deposit of $500 is due at the time of acceptance.


Family housing

University of Virginia in l'Université de Lyon II [& Centre d'études françaises = CIEF]

Université of Lyon II's strongest departments: French, History, Media Studies, Political Science, Economics, Art History, Arabic, Sociology and Anthropology.

Students may take courses at any institution that is a member of the "Université de Lyon" consortium.

Options for Summer Program differ.  


Yes (on-site manager)

  Summer; Semester;  Academic Year

Tuition & Fees:

Academic year 2013-2014: 
   $16,384.00 (in-state)
  $17,644.00 (out-of-state)


Year: Apartment; Homestay; or Off-campus

Summer: Hotel, With program group 



* It is not clear if students have to add the cost of rent to the amounts posted on the web.

The American Institute For Foreign Study (AIFS) has programs in Cannes, Grenoble, and Paris IV, but we do not have much information about the overall structure of the programs. Students who have gone abroad on this program have sometimes ended up taking courses that are not advanced enough (repeating work at the intermediate level and thus not receiving credit for certain courses).

Hood College, which used to send students to Strasbourg, has discontinued its program - at least for one year.


 More information about these programs can be accessed through "Peterson's Study Abroad":

Programs in countries other than France



Academic Program

Resident Director & Length of Program



SUNY Plattsburgh [Univ de Montreal] or Laval, Quebec City

Business French, Quebec culture, oral and written French

Summer (3 weeks)

Tuition & Fees:


dorms, apartments, quarters shared with other host institution students

Bowling Green State University, Burkina-Faso/Tours

Students take classes at the Institut de Touraine; in Burkina-Faso, program directed by BGSU professor, with other faculty members drawn from the Institut de Touraine and the
Université François Rabelais in Tours.

The major curriculum includes courses in French conversation, composition, phonetics,
culture, literature, film, and business French. The department has established a study program in Francophone Africa, in the
country of Burkina-Faso.



Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Tuition & Fees:

Academic year 2013-2014: $18,850 (in-state)
Academic year 2013-2014: $26,158 (out-of-state)


stay with host families in Burkina-Faso and in Tours

Webster University, Geneva

has its own "international" campus in Geneva

Business administration/ management, human resources, international business, labor and industrial relations, marketing, political science and government, refugee studies.


Fall, Spring, Summer


Academic Year 2013-2014:

dorms, quarters shared with host students

Lawrence University Wisconsin, Francophone Seminar, Senegal


 Organized by the Lawrence French department in conjunction with the
Baobab Center, participants, accompanied by a Lawrence professor, study
the French and Wolof languages, Senegalese history and culture, and
Francophone African literature and may arrange individual music lessons


Academic Year

Program Costs: 

Tuition (based on one term 2014-2015 tuition)


Program Fee:


Health Insurance Fee:


*The program fee includes round trip airfare on an arranged group flight, room and board in a home stay, transportation from the airport to the home of the host family, and all cultural excursions and hotel accommodations.

Participants are responsible for their passport fee, immunizations, and personal expenses (books, gifts, etc.).

Prior to departure for Dakar, the Baobab Center (ACI) makes arrangements
with Senegalese families with whom students live for the duration of
their stay in Senegal. Former participants in the program have
thoroughly enjoyed the warmth and hospitality of their host families.

Kalamazoo in Dakar, Senegal

Grammar, Composition and Francophone Literature at Université Cheikh Anta Diop.

Special 3-week course in October (Sustainable Development in Sénégal) that engages students with field work.


Fall, Academic Year

Program Fee:

Academic Year 2013-2014:     
$47, 502


Students live with homestay families selected and assigned by the Resident Director. Nearly all meals are taken with the family.


Bowling Green State University directly enrolls its students at the Université Laval. A faculty member helps students get settled in and registered, but leaves soon after the beginning of classes.

Summer Programs

Name/Institution, Location

Academic Program

Resident Director & Length of Program



James Madison University Summer in Martinique, Fort-de-France, Martinique

Students will take one three-credit course listed under FR447 -
Civilization: Travel Study taught in French by Christiane Szeps-Fralin,
Martinique short-term program director and professor in the Department
of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Summer 2014



Program Fee + Number of Credits x Tuition:

(In-State) $4069

(Out-of-State) $5620

Accommodations will be provided for through the Bambou Hôtel, featuring
double rooms with air conditioning and internet access, located on the
beach of Anse-Mitan