Calvin Hui

Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies

Office: Washington Hall 230
Phone: (757) 221-5506
Email: [[kchui]]


Calvin Hui is Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies in Modern Languages and Literatures at the College of William and Mary. In May 2013, he received his PhD in Literature at Duke University, after completing his dissertation “The People’s Republic of Capitalism: The Making of the New Middle Class in Post-Socialist China, 1978 - Present” under the supervision of Rey Chow, Michael Hardt, and Fredric Jameson. His research focuses on modern Chinese humanities (film, media, and literature), critical theory, and cultural studies, with a particular emphasis on Marxist theory, gender and sexuality studies, and post-colonial and ethnic studies. Currently, he is engaged with the "Consuming China: Fashion, Media, Design and Urban Culture" project.

In spring 2015, Calvin Hui is teaching "Freshman Seminar (Topic: Brand New China)" and "Introduction to Chinese Cultural Studies." Since coming to William and Mary in fall 2013, he has offered courses such as "Introduction to Chinese Cinema," "Chinese Popular Culture," and "Advanced Seminar in Chinese (Topic: Fashion, Media, and Chinese Consumer Culture)," which is a research seminar required of all Chinese majors in their senior years. He is currently directing an honors thesis "Queer Comrades: Contemporary Chinese Culture and the Homoerotic Imaginary" and has supervised independent study such as "China Opening Up: Sexxx Cultures and Politics Since 1978." He welcomes students' inquiry about pursuing honors thesis project or independent study in the following areas:  (1) The Chinese Middle Class and Culture; (2) U.S.-China Cultural Exchange; (3) Fashion, (New) Media, and Chinese Consumer Culture; (4) Counterfeit Cultures; (5) Migrant Labor; (6) Environmental Concerns; (7) Queer Culture and Politics; and (8) Chinese Diaspora (ethnicity) and the Sinophone (language).

Calvin Hui organized two Chinese Major Forums to showcase his students' innovative research projects in Chinese Studies.
- "Fashion, Media, and Chinese Consumer Culture" (February 2014). Poster. Videos.
- "Desiring China" (December 2014). PosterVideos.