Chun-yu Lu

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies

Office: Washington Hall 316
Phone: (757)-221-7729
Email: [[clu02]]

Chun-yu Lu earned her PhD in Chinese and Comparative Literature from Washington University in St. Louis in 2016.  Her primary research interests include popular literature and modernity in Sinophone communities, East Asian colonialism, emotion, gender, and sexuality in revolution and war, as well as alternate history and utopian writings. Her current book project is tentatively entitled, Make Love and War: Chinese Popular Romance in “Greater East Asia,” 1937-1945. It explores the production and consumption of Chinese popular romance genre in Japanese dominated areas, including Shanghai, Manchukuo and Taiwan, during Second Sino-Japanese War. The book examines how emotions, with a focus on love, are articulated vis-à-vis war and national crisis. At William & Mary Dr. Lu teaches Chinese popular culture, modern Chinese literature, Chinese cinema, a freshman seminar on lover, gender and sexuality as well as an advanced seminar on alternative China; the last course is taught in both English and Chinese and incorporates materials from premodern literature to contemporary films.