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Undergraduate Research

Chinese majors in their junior or senior years can collaborate with faculty to conduct research on topics of their interests. Students can learn how to do research by taking CHIN 428 Advanced Seminar in Chinese; and/or CHIN 495/496 Honors Thesis.

Advanced Seminar in Chinese
Chinese majors take the capstone course CHIN 428 Advanced Seminar in Chinese in the fall semester of their junior or senior year. In this course, they will be introduced to the professors' recent research projects, study research methods and theory, get to know recent directions of Chinese Studies, learn to do research on a project of their choice, and produce a research paper. They may be asked to present their research projects in the Chinese Major Forum. The projects completed during the past three years were concerned with Chinese media (e.g., film, documentary), consumer cultures, and copycat cultures. To get to know more about our Chinese majors' projects, navigate the menu on the left column under the Undergraduate Research section.

Honors Thesis
The Honors Program is a year-long research project under the direction of a thesis advisor. To read more about the program, refer to Honors on the left column under the Undergraduate Research section.