Undergraduate Research

In fall 2013, seniors majoring in Chinese took Prof. Calvin Hui's course CHIN 428 Advanced Seminar in Chinese, which focused on fashion, media, and consumer culture in post-socialist China. By the end of the course, they did research and produced a paper relating to the course's major concerns. They also presented their research outputs in the 2014 Chinese Major Forum. You can have a taste of the interesting projects that our Chinese majors produced in the research seminar.

Rachel Faith, Male Cosmetics Advertisement

{{youtube:medium:center|qD9JZxebxPc, Rachel Faith}}

Tyler Brent, Cooperative Marriage Between Gay Men and Lesbian Women in China

{{youtube:medium:center|d8DTAATyX1o, Tyler Brent}}

Sara Rock, Dog Ownership in China
{{youtube:medium:center|N5WwvmS-4bc, Sara Rock}}

Daniel Otto, Changing Views on Sex and Sexuality in Post-Socialist China
{{youtube:medium:center|uLp9ttOowlY, Daniel Otto}}

Linda Baysore, Peng Liyuan's Fashion
{{youtube:medium:center|gC5vjMA_Kvs, Linda Baysore}}