William and Mary

Undergraduate Research

In fall 2013, seniors majoring in Chinese took Prof. Calvin Hui's course CHIN 428 Advanced Seminar in Chinese, which focused on fashion, media, and consumer culture in post-socialist China. By the end of the course, they did research and produced a paper relating to the course's major concerns. They also presented their research outputs in the 2014 Chinese Major Forum. You can have a taste of the interesting projects that our Chinese majors produced in the research seminar.

Rachel Faith, Male Cosmetics Advertisement

{{youtube:medium:center|qD9JZxebxPc, Rachel Faith}}

Tyler Brent, Cooperative Marriage Between Gay Men and Lesbian Women in China

{{youtube:medium:center|d8DTAATyX1o, Tyler Brent}}

Sara Rock, Dog Ownership in China
{{youtube:medium:center|N5WwvmS-4bc, Sara Rock}}

Daniel Otto, Changing Views on Sex and Sexuality in Post-Socialist China
{{youtube:medium:center|uLp9ttOowlY, Daniel Otto}}

Linda Baysore, Peng Liyuan's Fashion
{{youtube:medium:center|gC5vjMA_Kvs, Linda Baysore}}