Placement for Chinese Language Class

Students should fulfill Foreign Language Proficiency requirement in their first or second year at the College. The WM Chinese program offers a wide array of courses to meet the diverse needs of students with various Chinese language study background.

Students who have never had formal training in Chinese language, or who haven’t had sufficient training to fulfill the foreign language proficiency requirement, should follow the Placement guideline as outlined below. The information can also be found in the in the Placement Chart.

I. If you never studied any Chinese, you should enroll in CHIN101. 

II. Placement by Years of High School Study or by Examination

  • If you have completed Level I, you should enroll in CHIN101 or CHIN102.
  • If you have completed Level II, you should enroll in CHIN102 or CHIN201.
  • If you have completed Level III, you should enroll in either CHIN201 or CHIN202.
  • If you have completed Level IV, you should enroll in CHIN202, CHIN205 or higher.
  • If you have completed Level V, you should enroll in courses above CHIN202.
  • For information on placement based on AP, SAT II or ACTFL exams, see the Requirement for Degrees in the College Catalog, under "Course Specific Requirements."

III. Placement Advising Sessions

Language learners come in different forms as a result of many factors: years of learning, family heritage, high school Chinese class curriculum, study abroad experience, to name just a few. While we are confident that WM Chinese program has a class for every student who wants to continue to learn Chinese, we strongly encourage all students who have some Chinese study experience to attend a Placement Advising Session before the start of fall semester. During the one-on-one advising session, a Chinese faculty member will help you to decide the most appropriate placement in the program. Detail information about placement sessions will be posted on Chinese program website and through different venues across campus in summer. 

IV. Contact Chinese Studies faculty

If you have questions about language class placement, please contact Prof. Qian Su ( or any faculty member in the Chinese program.