William & Mary

GMU-WM 2009 Spring Workshop

March 21, 2009, The College of William & Mary

Image of workshop participants
McGlothlin-Street Hall 020


The goal of this workshop is an exchange of research experience, problems, and techniques between the two CSUMS groups.

The GMU-WM Spring Workshops receive support from the NSF.

Here is the conference poster in color and in black & white.

Abstracts for the talks can be found here.


Schedule (subject to change):


9:15-10:00  Breakfast
10:00-10:05 Opening remarks
10:05-11:05 Keynote speaker: Sebastian Schreiber (UC-Davis), Should I stay or should I go? Dispersal in a heterogeneous world
11:05-11:30  Coffee break
11:30-11:55 Michael Essman, Numerical bifurcation diagrams of coupled Schrodinger equations
11:55-12:20 Kassie Archer, On Extensions of Box-Counting Dimension
12:20-1:30 Lunch
1:30-1:55 Kevin Kelbaugh & Minerva Venuti, Flow-structure interaction models to understand arterial wall dynamics
1:55-2:20 Mike Atkins, A numerical and analytical study of modeling techniques for solidification
2:20-2:45 Niha Zubair, Reproduction Rate Strategies in White-Footed Mice
2:45-3:10 Daniel Hariprasad, Three pool model of calcium signaling
3:10-3:40 Coffee break
3:40-3:55 Tom Stephens, Nonlocal Extensions of the Classical Phase Field Model
3:55-4:20 David Gould, The Persistence of Harvested Bears in Virginia
4:20-4:45 Brian Paljug,  Investigating Changing Parameters Satisfying the Coincidence Conjecture for Iterated Substitutions of Pisot Type
4:55-5:20 Jennifer Mahle, Generating the Rank k Numerical Range
6:30 Dinner at Wasabi


Student Participants

  • Kassie Archer (WM)
  • Mike Atkins (GMU)
  • Michael Essman (WM)
  • David Gould (WM)
  • Daniel Hariprasad (WM)
  • Steven Hild (WM)
  • Kevin Kelbaugh (GMU)
  • Christian Kroesen (WM)
  • Yuanyuan Liu (WM)
  • Jennifer Mahle (WM)
  • Brian Paljug (WM)
  • Tom Stephens (GMU)
  • Patrick Steele (WM)
  • Minerva Venuti (GMU)
  • Niha Zubair (WM)

Faculty Participants