William & Mary


Student Name Major/Class Adviser Research Topic CSUMS support
Ben Holman
Mathematics/2011 Sarah Day
Computational dynamics spring 2011
Georgia Pefeiffer
Mathematics/2011 Sarah Day
Stage Structured Populations spring 2011
Vincent Yannello Mathematics and Chemistry/2011 Larry Leemis

spring 2011
Alex Valentin Mathematics/2012 Gexin Yu
summer 2011
Patrick King Mathematics and Physics/2013 Junping Shi
Eigenvalues of Neumann Boundary Problem
summer 2011
Allison Oldham Mathematics/2013 Rex Kincaid summer 2011
Tim McDade Mathematics and Chinese/2012 Junping Shi, Leah Shaw and Rom Lipcius Oyster population model summer 2011
Keith Webb Mathematics/2013 Larry Leemis summer 2011
Allison Corish Mathematics and English/2012 Sarah Day and Drew LaMar summer 2011
Matt Becker
Mathematics/2012 Junping Shi and Leah Shaw
multi-patch Predator-prey systems
Tim Becker
Mathematics/2012 Junping Shi and Rom Lipcius
Blue crab model Honors Fellowship
Amy Russell Mathematics/2013 Tanujit Dey NSF