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CSUMS Seminars

CSUMS seminars are offered through the one-credit course Math 410, Topics in Computational Mathematics. This course offers weekly lectures followed by class discussions and activities. Students may also be interested in attending the Department Colloquium or Cissy Patterson Lectures.

CSUMS preliminary questionaire
CSUMS 2012 Summer Research Application Form


Jesse Berwald ([[jjberwald]]), Junping Shi ([[jxshix]])

Time and Location

Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:30pm, Morton Hall 220

Purpose and Goals
The purpose of this one credit Math 410 course is to introduce students to possible undergraduate research projects in computational mathematics at William and Mary. The format will consist mainly of weekly talks by faculty (approximately 30 minutes) followed by class discussions and/or exercises related to the presented topics. The typical student in this course will be in his or her sophomore or junior year and will have an interest in pursuing a research project related to computational mathematics. For many, this course can serve as a gateway to establishing a research project through the CSUMS program, with applications for this program due at the end of the spring semester (see above). If you have any questions about whether this course could be appropriate for you, please [[jjberwald, contact me]] or one of the faculty members listed on the CSUMS website. (Students who have previously taken ``Math 410: Topics in Computational Mathematics'' are welcome to enroll again this semester. Students may petition the Chair of the Mathematics Department to have three 1 credit Math 410 courses count as one 400 level course for the mathematics major.)

Course Grade
The course grade will be based on attendance, participation (which includes asking/answering questions in class and on the discussion board), and homework (which includes presentation summaries and assignments given by the speaker). Students may miss 1 of the 13 talks without penalty. Students may earn extra credit for attending appropriate research talks on campus, which will be announced.